Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Title change owing to a decision to live an unconventional life in 2010

The title of this blog (formerly "Was That Fun or What?") is being changed to, "365 Days At Jack's Bar & Lounge". (map link)

Why the change?

One, I like Jack's a lot.

Two, I meet interesting people there every single time I visit; many of them from the neighborhood.  (Hell of a lot easier than randomly knocking on your neighbor's door and introducing yourself, hey.)

Three, I get to drink alcohol (don't poo poo it; it's fun in moderation).

Four, it's part of my plan to rule the world and embrace the art of non-conformity in 2010.

Five, I get to listen to cool music, whether Chris Burkhardt (guessing on the spelling there) playing his steel guitar every first and third Sunday of the month; Dave and KC who spin the reggea every Monday night (see riddim 2009 for playlist samplings or listen to them on KKUP 91.5 lunchtime on Monday and afternoon to evening transition on Fridays)  or DJ Benofficial on Wednesdays. There's also the booty song ("Booty Man" by Tim Wilson) from the jukebox; I never get tired of hearing that song and it gives me an excuse to stare at ass (beg your pardon: very nice behinds).  ;)

Six (this really should be number one on the list) the bartenders and door people are Gods (yes, capital "G" there).

Seven, Jack's hosts fun events like Jell-O Wrestling and White Trash Christmas parties.

Eight, the conversations are off the wall fun. Today alone I participated in a conversation that discussed the emergence of the internet, how many bar patrons have written "tweets", whether or not The Curious Case of Benjamin Button sucked (as one patron put it, "It's a Fairy Tale!  Those don't take three hours to tell!"), then transitioned to how to survive a car crash in Mexico where you break five ribs, puncture a lung and still successfully recover 90% of your belongings two months later, then ended it all with the bartender tripping over a case of beer (don't tell OSHA, those guys have absolutely no sense of humor; besides, we three wise men checked the bartender out post-fall and she was fine save for a crooked finger). 

Jack's really is made of winbricks and lovemortar.

I'd write up a "nine" and "ten" but I think you'd be far better served by halting your review of this blog and instead get yourself over to Jack's ASAP. 

It's far more fun experiencing Jack's than it is reading about it.

See you there!

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