Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 207 - Did you miss me, Dear Reader?

I missed you. I hope you are well. In case we don't see each other here again soon, you can always find me on Facebook. There's a link here on the blog (lower left corner) that features my FB updates as I post them

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The hardest part about today was that I couldn't even look at her for more than a few seconds.

I mean it was tough enough with Moe and Melissa there, but Katie is always too much for me to handle.

Being around her is like being 13 again. You're a pubescent teen in school and you realize there are girls in close proximity to you—even when they're halfway across the classroom (or in this case the bar) it's still enough to leave you panicky.

Someone like Katie catches your eye and you become completely unnerved and realize you don't know what to say to her. And even when you do know what to say you're self-critical of everything that comes out of your mouth as you're saying it.

Later, when you're at home, images of her play across your mind's eye while you're busy trying to get things done like homework, or in my case weeding and watering the garden. Or cooking dinner.

Figuring out how to talk to her is a challenge. One I haven't solved yet.

See you Tuesday at Jack's!

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