Saturday, November 21, 2009

You're Not Listening To NPR Why?

I Love NPR!

Turned NPR on at dinner tonight and haven't stopped. Saturday nights are smart, interesting and hilarious.

Here's a sample of what I'm listening to:

Selected Shorts - Listening to James Cromwell read short stories is the bomb.

Studio 360 - Darwin: A Life In Poems, by Darwin's great-great granddaughter.  Was nice to here about middle of the road people who believe in God but don't also dismiss the concept of evolution out of hand.  Speaking of dismissal, I learned that Darwin didn't know about genetics and didn't care to read about it when a study proposing the concept was sent to him.  Martha Plimpton closed out the show by reading a short story written specifically for it.

Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me! - Jason Schwartzman was tonight's special guest (I had no idea the dude is basically Hollywood Royalty), host Peter Sagal, scorekeeper Carl Kassell, and this week's panel Roy Blunt Jr., Faith Salie and Paula Poundstone joking about Sara Palin's new books, the Hamster Villa in France and quizzing each other on the week's news in the Lightening Question round.

No matter where you live, there's probably an NPR station you can tune in to on the radio.  If not, listen online!

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