Tuesday, November 17, 2009

There's more to life than just worrying, working out and finding work, right?

Having two blogs seems like an odd number.  Not odd as in a number that can't be divided by two, but odd as in it doesn't seem right to me.

So blog the third was created: Was That Fun Or What?

Looking at the two blogs I write (Walking, Jogging, Excercise, Breathing and Diet [open to everyone] and Sanishiver's Musings [invite only]) it occurred to me that neither one captured the concept of fun.

Sure, the exercise blog would serve well in allowing me to talk a little about my neighborhood and how much I enjoy walking around in it, but it wouldn't be just that.  It's mostly going to be a catalog for me to keep track of what I'm doing and serve as a motivator: after all if I'm making this part of my life public I'll feel more inclined to keep at it and keep it up.

The Musing's blog will also detail some of my successes in life, but right now (and most likely going forward) it's going to be a very grim blog.  Very blunt, harsh and raw, but not very fun.

So that's why this blog exists.  I figure even if a lot of my life is disorganized, in a jumble and so on, I can still achieve what some of my favorite bloggers achieve, i.e., cataloging things that are good and fun in their lives.

[11.19.2009 edit - spelling and typo]

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