Saturday, November 28, 2009

Testing Some Code - Kevin Smith talks Twilight At San Diego Comic Con

Hehe Kevin Smith Rocks!

Just testing the code on this video to see if it works in the blog.


  1. Jeremy
    I have tried and tried to post a comment. So will try again.

  2. It looks like I have figured out what not to do so that I may post a comment.

    Love the above clip. It is so funny. Love the Mom comment!

    Have you given any consideration to writing? Be it a novel or a commentary or anything like that. You have a way with words that I really enjoy.

    I am glad for the opportunity to get to know you better. You have been gone for so long I still think of you as this young person and here you are a grown man with a wonderful view of the world and its people.

    I would like to as you to invite Harry (your uncle Harry) to this blog. I think he would enjoy this a lot and you would enjoy him.

    Your Dad and I are taking a little "me" time this afternoon. We have a room up at Black hawk and dinner reservations. So looking forward to a little time to our selves.

    Love you and have a wonderful day.


  3. w00t hi Mom! Thank you for your kind workds. I'm glad you kept at it and found a way to post. I think that crappy chess game is making it hard for people to post so I'm going to take it off the blog.

    I'm not sure how to invite people to the blog but I think I can shoot Harry a line via Facebook or something.

  4. Hehe I also changed the comment moderation so there's no word verification step needed. If you're a registered user you can post.

    I hope you and Dad have lots of fun today! Be sure to play the big jackpot games!