Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 121 - My First Roller Derby and Two Men From Afghanistan

Saturday, April 21st

Quick post:

The roller derby was kick ass! And the Silicon Valley Roller Girls kicked ass in both matches. Thanks for hanging with me, Lindsay!

The after party at Jack's Bar was super-packed (like the most packed I've seen it in months) and DJ Traps and DJ Quantum were in full effect. The only other pair of people who could equal the DJ's intensity and skill were to be found behind the bar: Matt and Rina, FTW.

Ras Dank was on the back patio and Travis was at the front. They did one hell of a job keeping things calm and otherwise diffusing situations before they could get out of hand.

I should mention that Thunder was thoroughly fucked up. I cock blocked him once and I'm still alive. Proof positive that miracles do happen.

Out on the back patio (where I basically spent the whole night), the first man I met who'd come back from Afghanistan had just shaved off six months of beard growth. A beard's a necessary thing out there, apparently. His girlfriend was extremely pretty and was the first person in a long time who didn't take up time by talking to me about themselves. Instead she proactively questioned me about my passions and interests.

God damn that was a refreshing change too! (Note: I'm not complaining, nor am I indirectly criticizing various of the patrons at Jack's. I'm just saying it's really cool to meet someone who wasn't afraid to hit me with multiple open-ended questions).

Thanks to Wes for introducing me to these fine friends of yours.

The second man I met who'd come back from Afghanistan was sporting a new scar in his back from a knife would he suffered at an undisclosed (to you, Dear Reader, not me) location. The wound was received when his group was hit with a surprise attack and the security detail hired on to protect him and his group refused to do their job.

It was real nice to see Gary and Patti, Jessica, Leonardo da Vinci, Martha and Mercedes at the bar. Thanks to all the other regulars who said hello to me. I had a lot of fun meeting (and in some cases re-meeting) new people tonight.

Thanks to Feisty Irish for the bit of love at the Derby Bout and for talking with me at Jack's. Also the other Derby ladies and one of the bout's referees for answering questions about rules and the upcoming match in July(??).

I'd also like to thank the soon-to-be-married woman in the orange halter top and nipple rings for the impromptu lap dance and for biting Thunder's nipples and not mine.

Take care, Dear Reader. Sunday at Jack's awaits!

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