Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 142 - PARTY BUS!

Saturday - May 22 - 2010

Pictures are easier then words sometimes. Thus:

The bus has arrived.

We all like beer (and jello shots and jungle juice and J├Ągermeister and whiskey).

Every one of these people has to piss like a race horse.

 The Away Team in action. Thanks to Grady, McBride and Charlie for the grub. Big hot dogs, polish sausages and burgers, with the option to have them dipped in wing sauce, barbecue sauce or chili before serving them up on your bun. My mouth's watering while I write...

You can't quite see the old school Star Wars hat on her head. It's kick ass.

Their food makes you this happy.

Anna, our driver. Thank you Anna!

Chips, Salsa and Joaquin.

View of the field from the bleacher seats. Joaquin and I had to get a security gaurd to help us find a pair of seats. Everyone (and I mean everyone) was saving seats for people that never seemed to show up.
 Crazy, grumpy, snarky crowd at the game today.

After the game: thanks, man.

The going home party bus crowd. Shot by Patty M.

I have to poop. After you take this picture, I will fall over. But fortunately Jeremy and Sara will break my fall with their bodies. And that's a Jello Shot stain on my hat.

Home sweet home.

Thunder and Crystal, at the bar before the game.

 Thunder and Crystal, after the game. ;)

A few different people told me that this party bus was relatively tame compaired to the previous trips. If this was tame...damn! Those other trips must have been insane.

For all that, it was a blast to hang out with a legion of cool people. Thanks Jack's for all your work to put this together and make it so much fun. I'm already looking forward to the Raiders - 49ers Party Bus later this year.

Several of the Party Bus goers stayed at Jack's after we were dropped off.  I enjoyed talking at length with Christian and Jenny and their two friends, but I can't remember their names. Drank some more with Joaquin and enjoyed the sunset air as the breeze the was blowing all day made its way into San Jose.

Travis says "Hi!"


Bryce and Nick: post-game grub.

If you were on the bus and want to add anything to the tale, leave a comment below.

See you Sunday at Jack's!

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