Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 124 - Relentlessly Confident and Sharks Win Again!

Tuesday May 4th, 2010

It's so awesome that the Sharks one again. Going up 3 games to nil on Detroit is just long, long overdue if you ask me. Detriot's been our foil for so long now that it feels good to be one game away from eliminating them once and for all.

My hat goes off to Awesome Ed (not to be confused with Ed aka GOD—whom I've not seen in awhile at Jack's, come to think of it) who predicted midway through the second period of the game when the Sharks were down 3 - 1 that the Sharks would come back and win it, by scoring two goals in regulation time and one goal in overtime.

As it turns out, Awesome Ed was exactly right in his prediction. What's even more cool is that he never waivered. His confidence was not boisterous or loud (like a certain Devito, who could out shout a jet engine), rather it was spoken plainly and factually, as though things could not be any other way than what Awesome Ed said they'd be.

Awesome Ed, myself and Devito plan to dye our beards teal for the Stanly Cup Finals for any game where the Sharks could win it all (theoretically from game 4 of the finals onward, if the Sharks were to win the first three games).

The crowd as Jacks was mixed, consisting of 60% regulars and 40% new new faces. I liked the pretty blond and Indian new faces, myself. ;)  Tanisha was working solo today but as usual had things under control. The bar itself was full from one end to the other, and the first three tables along the back wall were full as well (so much so that chairs were borrowed from tables 4 and 5 to seat everyone at 1 through 3).

It was nice to see Shannon and Lisa returned safe and sound from their vacation. Lisa had her hair cut and looked beautiful as ever, but in a way that communicated she was well rested. I am certain that if I had a picture of Lisa on my wall at home, it would be something I could look at and admire pretty much forever.

I sat at the corner of the bar near the front where it turns the corner. Shannon, Lisa, Old School Slappy and Old School Lady L were to my right, with Awesome Ed, Juanita and their two friends on my left.

Along with the usual PBR, today's Around The World At Jacks drink was Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey, which had a taste a lot like Black Label, but the taste smoothed out a whole lot faster. It didn't chase as well with PBR as the Black Label from yesterday did, but a moderate sip of Bulleit Bourbon sure as hell does interesting things in your mouth and to your tongue if you finish off an El Tarrasco Carnitas Burrito with Mild Green Sauce first. Damn!

I enjoyed talking with Scuba Steve and his friend about his time working at San Jose Live back in the day. He runs the door at the Loft now, if memory serves.

Time to pause now so a friend can use the computer. Thanks to everyone who made today such a fun time.

See you Wednesday at Jack's!

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