Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 127 - A Surprise Visit From Sugi and The Music Was Way Too Fucking Loud

Friday, May 7th 2010

Vital stats for the night:
Bartenders: Charlie and Matt
Door Persons: Ras Dank and Travis
DJs: Vagabond and ?? (no B Rich tonight: both he and Vagabond will cover for DJ Traps tomorrow since Traps is attending a scratch contest Saturday)

I realized tonight that I'm always going to love Sugi. I'm not in love with her, no, but I'll always love her. A decade spent together can do that.

Earlier today I'd texted her to see if she was free and she begged off, suggesting some other night. So when I got word from her that she was on her way, I felt excited. It's been several weeks since I've seen her and all the old "she's coming, bet busy and get things ready" feelings kicked in.

I stopped talking with people outside and made my way into the very crowded bar to get her usual drink ordered up. I knew it would take time and I didn't want her to have to wait.

Sugi was in scrubs when she arrived just as Charlie served up my drink order. Sugi looked different; not as tired as in the past and certainly more healthy. Her job is not easy but it's doing just what I'd hoped it would do: give her some balance in her life (and some hefty cash in her pocket).

We went outside and I think the only time I've ever been mad at Joaquin happened. I re-introduced Sugi to James and Eric (aka Bang-Bang! Kla-Klow! and ACME, for you newer readers), then introduced her to Joaquin, who said "Where?" as he looked over her in his own goofy way.

I know he was only playing on the idea that he's really tall (like 6' 4" or 6' 6") and Sugi's short (not even five feet tall), but he doesn't know that Sugi has always been sensitive about her height and doesn't appreciate jokes about it.

Thankfully Sugi took it in good humor and this calmed me down. I only wanted to kill Joaquin for a second.

Today was Mercede's birthday and she was here with Martha and Maria. Martha looked absolutely beautiful tonight. Her beauty is something I'm discovering a little more of each time I see her at the bar. I'm learning to enjoy Maria's company more too, but like Mercedes she was somewhat far along when I got to the bar so we didn't get to talk all that much.

I would like to thank Mercedes for introducing me to some of her extended family at the bar tonight (they'd accompanied her to the bar and were her ride around town all day for her birthday) and for saying such nice things about me to them. Mercedes has always been an exotic beauty to me; her makeup and straight black hair convey a dark allure; dangerous but also tempting.

The night wore on and Sugi and I found we couldn't really go back into the bar because the music was so fucking loud it hurt. She was cold outside and refused my offer of my jacket (next time I'll just throw it on her, I think) but still toughed it out. We enjoyed talking with Fremont Matt, his wife and friends. We watched a guy standing over the fence between Jack's and Der Wienerschnitzel—he asked the crowd out back if they could help him find his sister in the bar (he couldn't go in since he had no I.D. on him). The consensus was he should wait it out since it was close to closing anyway.

The truth of this was born out by Travis telling us all the back patio had to be closed up. I wasn't sure what Sugi would do, but she said she was hungry. I suggested iHop and she readily agreed.

Closing out took much longer than I'd hoped (ok, truth: if it were just me I wouldn't have cared to wait that long to close my tab, but I knew Sugi was out front of the bar leaning against the bike rack, shivering, goose bumps practically visible on her arms from in the bar where I stood) so I felt the urge to get the fuck out and get her to iHop.

Thankfully Charlie very kindly slotted me in as he and Matt took care of the last-call surge of drink orders. Charlie has such awesome energy. It's a blast when he's working at the bar.

Free and clear, I quickly left Jack's with Sugi. I didn't even say goodnight to anyone. I realized later that nobody would be offended by my doing this. Please don't take this as me saying I'm all important or something (far from it!), rather that it's something of a tradition for people say goodnight to each other at the bar, especially after a fun night spent together.

This is the kind of thing I would worry about in the past, but now I know "it's cool" as Travis would say.

See you Saturday at Jack's!

Earlier tonight Travis told me a bar secret that I'll not divulge. I am thankful to know it, though. Should help me when I'm in new places far from home.

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