Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 126 - Skipped the Shark's Game and Stood Up Joaquin

Thursday May 6th 2010

Apparently I told Joaquin I'd hang with him on Thursday at Jack's for the Sharks game. I don't remember that. I missed DeVito's call asking me to come over and play foosball at his place. Foosball is like chicken soup for the soul after a Sharks playoff loss (and this one was particularly severe—score was 7-1. Ouch!) and DeVito was no doubt in need of soothing. Even if I'd gotten the message I would not have gone though.

You see Dear Reader I've been very much down and out the later half of this week; I've been skipping to-do items, leaving my laundry unfolded, spending money frivolously and not eating terribly well. I know from long experience that these things happen in cycles. The last one happened in mid-April and lasted for two weeks. I hope this one doesn’t last as long.

When I arrived at Jack's very late this evening some good news came from Travis: apparently Gabby asked for my number (again). I like the idea of a woman asking someone I know for my number. Lolz I wonder how many times Gabby has programmed my number into her phone now? It's probably just one of those things you think of when you're buzzed that you feel would be good to do and that you mean to follow up on, but when you're sober the idea hides itself away in your mind, waiting to be unlocked by another round of drinks.

I enjoyed Joaquin's company tonight (he'd come back to Jack's after leaving earlier). His birthday is coming up next Tuesday. He made me promise to be at Jack's at midnight on Monday so we could start celebrating early.

I hope I can keep that promise.

I also enjoyed drinking with ACME. We shared a Mind Eraser and a Red Headed slut for old time's sake. He and I drink well together.

Mercedes, Maria and Martha (though Martha was not at Jack's tonight) are three women I like to see at the bar. I didn't know Mercede's birthday was coming up, but I sure as hell got up to speed when she told me, fingers in her mouth to fire off a shrill whistle, hollering and more or less enjoying herself to the max.

I didn't intend to stay late tonight, but figured if Mercedes was going to start celebrating at midnight then I could stick around.

I don't remember leaving Jack's, but I do know I slept in my truck in the driveway of my house. Were the world to end, I think I could tough it out for a few days in my truck. One thing I've learned to do well over the years is sleep as comfortably as I can in it.

See you Friday at Jack's!

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