Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 139 - Body High

Wednesday - May 19th - 2010

I haven't been stoned in about eighteen years. And even then we were smoking absolute trash as far as weed is concerned—so you could probably say I've never been truly stoned before.

That eighteen year streak is still alive. However today I did experience my first body high. Thanks to Marilyn for getting me started.

The effect started at the base of my skull, at the back where the skull stops and the neck begins. About the same time my neck list up I felt a compress or weight over my solar plexus, at the base of my breast bone. The sensation radiated out through my chest, parallel to the ground.

It was as though my diaphragm and neck were surrounded by two invisible globes of hypersensitivity. As those globes of sensation drifted around my body, my nervous system went into overdrive in those areas, making each affected area tingle and come alive.

At one point I felt as though I could feel every blood vessel in my thighs as blood flowed in and out of them, as if brand new nerve endings had grown along the paths of my circulatory system, with the sensitive ends protruding from the interior walls of my veins and arteries, each nerve sending back touch signals as the blood flowed past ...not unlike the tingling sensation you get when you run your hand over the head of a brush or a comb.

I don't know if or how my six hour experience would have been any different if I hadn't consumed a glass of beer and four tall boys during the course of the high like I did tonight. Joaquin bought me those tall cans and he was a reliably solid presence one seat over on my left while I was in happy land. Thanks for the beers man.

Thanks also to Bang-Bang! for only slightly teasing me all night long. Could have done without the warp speed head rub midway through the 3rd round of drinks. That was a little freaky because I was still a lot high and after you took your hand off my head it was like my whole scalp was on fire.

So I think that was the beginning and end of my getting high through edibles experience. Once was enough for me, thanks.

Finally, thanks to Wendee for picking me up from the bar after you got off work. Apologies for the snoring.

See you Thursday at Jack's!

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