Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 100 - Thank You, Sugi! Thank you, Allison. Thank You Sexy Ladies! Thank You All!

Saturday, April 10th

As the blog title and WOOHOO DAY 100!!!!!

Yep, if you want to number my blog visits from this point forward you must use not one, nor two, but three digits.

If that's not a big deal to you, ask yourself how many of those digit places you'd like to use to describe the amount of cash you have in your wallet or purse.

There now, see what I'm trying to get at?  :P

To Sugi (and Carter), my thanks for the belated birthday dinner at Pizz'a Chicago (has it really been almost two years since we were last there?!) and for buying me a couple rounds of beers at Jack's. Sugi I hope you enjoyed talking with Jimmy and Jeff. ;)

My thanks to Allison, for looking so pretty and for laughing out loud when I intimated that as time has gone by Thunder has begun to look a little more like a Klingon* each day. Thanks to Thunder for anchoring the bar on such a crowded night (and for not crushing me like a gnat). Thank you Crystal for being so painfully sexy and for the boob-bump greetings. ;)

Thanks to Vagabond and B-Rich for absolutely rocking tonight on the turntables. You guys pass the ball back and forth like Jordan and Pippin (or Bryant and Odom, for all you young whippersnappers out there). Your efforts are much appreciated.

My thanks to Jimmy, Jeff, Gabby and Dread Pirate Todd for the good company and the laughs. Through you I have learned to appreciate comments made from the heart, as well to understand that someone who's buzzed can still tell a great joke or three.

Thanks to Joaquin for keeping me honest and for introducing me to your exceptionally beautiful cousin. Oh. My. God. (Yep Dear Reader, she's that beautiful).

My thanks to the three beautiful women who took the two seats proffered up to them by yours truly that Sugi and I were not using at Table 2, as well my suggestion to take Table 5 and make it their own. Long after Sugi left, I stuck around in part because I enjoyed the hell out of myself watching you (and your friends who came in later) dance alone, dance with each other, dance each other into the back wall (like a linebacker tackling a running back at one point, honest!) and shut down pretty much every guy who approached you. (Lolz Jimmy "no" means "no", as does "fuck off")  Hope to see you all again soon!

Thanks to Katie for the kiss on the cheek (I'm sorry my stammered thank you response pretty much sucked). Full disclosure: thanks to Robert for the kiss on the cheek too. Thanks to Fremont Matt for not kissing me on the cheek and for not trying to grab my beard more than eighteen times tonight. Thanks to Andy for offering to continue the Epic Legacy of "someone made my beer koozie with neoprene neck tassel so you can hang it around your neck so I'm going to make you one too". I hope it's possible to use a 32oz koozie and a dog collar style chain for mine.

My sincere thanks to those of you who purchased me drinks at the bar tonight (in particular I'm thinking of Joaquin and Darrin). Your generosity is truly heartwarming and it is my extreme pleasure to have been befriended by so many great people.

My apologies to all the people I met tonight whose names I have since forgotten. I am still trying (and failing) to remember things without typing notes into my phone.

Lastly, my thanks to Matt for letting me buy us a round of shots at last call. I hope school goes well for you and I'm totally willing to take up the slack on the drinking side so you can keep it together until the semester is over. ;)

See you Sunday before sundown at Jack's!

Postscript at iHop: It was a pleasure to talk to you again, Alisha. Remember, if you want to touch my beard you must ask permission first. You say you won't, but before the year is out you will. ;)  Say hello to The Street We Live On aka Taylor and I hope the transit issues in Foster City clear themselves up (somehow) and that all goes well at the startup.

Thanks also to Nacho, Bernadette, Beatriz and Mimi for such regularly awesome service.

*WTF?!?! My spellchecker doesn't even know that "Klingon" is a word? Lame. I'm fixing that right now.

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