Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 99 - Double Fisting It

Friday, April 9th

You know Dear Reader, the phrase that constitutes today's title for the blog always reads in my mind as waaaaaaay more dirty than when it's used at a bar to describe someone with a drink in each hand.

Otherwise it's all I can do to keep my mind from conjuring up a hypothetical porn scene involving at least one person from Germany with hands and feet each down someone's....but hey, let's move on, shall we?

I arrived to a very packed Jack's Bar & Lounge late Friday night. Sugi hinted at possibly coming up to the bar, but her bf got out of his tournament early so she was officially occupied.

The bar —as I'd just mentioned— was really rather packed and would only get more crowded as time went by. In the few short moments I spent talking outside with Ras Dank, at least fifteen people walked into the bar.

Once in the front door, I realized there was pretty much no chance for me to order, even if I managed to jump in behind Kelly and co. at the corner of the bar after they got done signing up for the Party Bus. But thanks to the kindness of others I had two beers come to me from two directions (one PBR tall can from Joaquin and one pint of beer from I know not who) before I knew what was going on.

It may seem perhaps repetitive to you, Dear Reader, that I should write of how absolutely good it feels to be shown such kindness as I received tonight at the bar, but I hope you never tire of it or come to take it for granted, because I don't ever intend to stop writing about it. Seriously, imagine yourself in a packed bar with no chance of ordering in the immediate future (though at Jack's of course Charlie and Co. will bust their asses to get to you as fast as they can on a Friday night) only to "jump ahead" of everyone thanks to the kindness of others.

It's just fucking cool. And awesome. As it happens I didn't pay for any drink that I consumed. The only money from my pocket that went to the bar ended up going towards a beer each for Jimmy and Dread Pirate Todd. It's always great to see those two in action.

Out on the back patio I spoke at length with Fremont Matt and his good friend Phil from Las Vegas about the do's and don'ts of being a door person/bouncer. Their advice was sound and much appreciated, as I'll be partnering with Jeff at Ike's Lounge on May 1st for fight night.

Running into the two pretty ladies who make their own San Jose Shark's hoodies and clothing was awesome too (try as I might I can't remember which day it was I first met them). One of the two has a square-ish tattoo on her back that I only got a half look at but the idea of it and placement were awesome.

Sitting and talking with Tall Nicole and some of her friends on the patio was nice too. Which reminds me...

An aside to Tall Nicole's mom: Hi Tall Nicole's mom! I'm Jeremy and it's nice to meet you! Thank you for reading my blog and for being honest with Nicole about your first impression of me through my writing.

Thus, should you continue to read it from time to time, it is my hope that exposure to the blog will perhaps change your mind so that you come to think of me as less "creepy" and more "kind fellow". ;)

I know you didn't name your daughter "Tall Nicole" and I hope you will forgive the liberty I have taken in assigning this name to her. I'm my defense I've come to distinguish her that way because there's not that many other appropriate ways I can tell her apart from the other incredibly beautiful and kind woman who shares "Nicole" as her first name and sometimes visits Jack's Bar & Lounge.

Praising Tall Nicole's many admirable traits in writing something I enjoy doing, but I'm certain whatever new words I might write for today's blog entry would only describe things about her for which you already intimately familiar.

So instead I will praise you for bringing such a beautiful person into the world. I hope you do not think of me as speaking out of turn when I say that Tall Nicole is a great person (and one hell of a bartender) who lifts up everyone around her simply by being there.

Take care Dear Reader and thanks as always for reading! See you Saturday for Day 100 at Jack's!!!!

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  1. i finally remembered to find and read this! i think what you're doing is really cool! the first time we met was feb 25th! my name is sarah btw...and the tattoo on my shoulder is a t-rex and octopus fighting. ill try to come there with crystal more...that place IS fun when it's not SO crowded and i can actually get around