Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 91 - Not In The Mood For Beer After Yesterday

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

This will sound like sacrilege to some, but I was well and truly not in the mood for beer when I walked in to Jack's Bar & Lounge Thursday after work.

There's a certain kind of feeling I develop (and maybe you have too, Dear Reader) when I've consumed too much of a certain kind of alcohol. It comes about as soon as the thought of having more of that alcohol pops up in my head at a later date, and feels a lot like the gut wrenching sick feeling a man gets after he's been kicked hard in the balls.

This feeling I'm describing is not as sharp as that, mind. Instead it's more visceral and reflexive; sort of a bodily "fuck you, we don't want that" response that starts in your belly and works its way out to your limbs.

In a way it's like death popping in for a moment to fuck with you by tugging gently on your soul.

Anyway, I still had my daily beer. Sat down next to Christian too and we talked about things I can't remember.

I do recall ACME coming in for a rare daylight appearance. I'd have liked to stay and talk with him about his Vegas trip (from which he'd returned today) but my beer was done and I was ready to do non-Jack's things for the rest of the night.

See you Friday at Jack's. I'll be rolling in sooner or later with Crystal and her birthday retinue, provided VTA doesn't kick us off the bus first. Take care until then, Dear Reader.

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