Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 95 - If You Stay Late Enough Then It's Your Birthday A Day Early

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Dear Reader,

I had no intention of staying into the early (Christ, very early) Tuesday morning hours when I left for Jack's on Monday night around 10 p.m. I figured I'd just have a beer and call it good.

But like so many other nights before, one beer multiplies into several, much like rabbits in springtime but without all the fur in your drink.

Tonight Travis was on the door, Rina was behind the bar and Ras Dank was operating the turntables for maximum effect.

I spent longer than normal talking with Travis and Patty outside while Travis screened customers at the door and Patty expressed her infectious enthusiasm about cooking up a feast for tomorrow's birthday dinner.

Speaking of birthdays: Patty's is coming up this month and she likes herself some Captain Morgan every now and then. WINK WINK, NUDGE NUDGE for those of you who are inclined to buy a shot for a good person on their birthday.

So, out of sorts is a good way to describe my mood when I made the trip to the bar, but after some time with those two I was in high spirits and was appreciative for the change in my mood (I always get depressed on the lead up to my birthday, Dear Reader).

But even their kindness could not resurrect my powers of memory and recall, which is another way of saying that me trying to not always use my Crapberry to take notes means I forget things. To wit, I can't remember who Holepunch is (their chosen nickname, not my choice) and why it was that they were texting their friend Paperclip while talking about it out front of the bar.

Back inside I slow-sipped my beer, knowing it'd have to last a bit longer to reach midnight. When that time finally came around Ras Dank gave me a shot and a shout out as many folks said "Happy Birthday!" to me. Damn if that didn't feel good. Thank you all so much.

I do have a note about this in my phone: Shots from friends Yikes!

Someone said, "We're at Jack's, not at church, so drink up!" but I can't remember who it was. Not that this mental lapse kept me from following their orders, of course. ;)

Somewhere along the way Joaquin came in and before I knew it Rina had set a leftover Bud and Guinness in front of me to wrap up. Word of advice from me to you, Dear Reader: If ever presented with two beers to pound and one of 'em is a Guinness, choose that beer last.

Why? Well, if Guinness is good at one thing it's making foam like a bubble bath. I drank the Guiness down and all that foam went right back up my stomach into my esophagus, which made swallowing down the Bud an ordeal, to say the least.

Think me not unthankful, though, for I knocked 'em back and was happy as one could be after such an interesting experience. Patty and Joaquin cheering me on only made it better.

I can't remember when lovely Crystal showed up with Thunder aka Thunder, I just know it was after midnight. Son of Anarchy arrived later too. I am of the opinion that Son of Anarchy should dress as a Roman soldier for Halloween. I mean he totally looks like a man out of time to me sometimes. The dude is badass just by being there.

Outside for a moment, and I see Hanna roll in late. I didn't get to say hello to her, but I did see Temescan and Ashley (I think).

At 1:07 a.m. Ras Dank played me a Reggae birthday song (it had the word "sex" in it, if I recall correctly).

At 1:27 a.m. the bar closed its doors for the night and Patty told me the tale of her self-checkout experience from Monday in preparation for the birthday dinner...and I can't remember any of it! Yarg I need more practice!

I said goodnight to Jerry as Travis double checked the front door at 1:38 a.m.

As I watched the staff go home, I remember thinking to myself for some reason that even bartenders have a kindness limit, and that if I'm to not only survive these consecutive daily visits but prosper and learn, then I need to be more responsible. I have a network of friends, places I can crash if I'm too far along and even the means to procure other transportation home (cab, ride a bike, hop on a homeless person and demand they carry me home, etc...)

The irony of pondering this while driving home for the night was not lost on me.

See you Tuesday at Jack's! And when we do, I daresay your belly will not be as happy as mine, nor as full. ;)  Take care, Dear Reader, until then.

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