Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 119 - SHARKS WIN!!!! And 300 Acres in the Santa Cruz Hills

Thursday, April 29th

Spending the first part of the evening at home. If I'd gone to Jack's to watch the game, I'd be shitfaced drunk by now or well on my way.


Later. Much, much later. 2:26 a.m. to be exact. My thoughts are wrapped around Nicole the 3rd (not Nicole, nor Tall Nicole) who like the other two Nicole's has blond-ish hair, is beautiful and has a unique story to tell. I only hope she does not lock herself out of her cabin again like she has so many times before.

But most of all I'm thankful that she spent her time here, tonight. When you have kids and live more or less off the grid, your free time and how you spend it matters. That I got to spend part of that precious time with her means a lot, because it's a priveledge (and on the side: I think too many men fail to appreciate this fact, i.e., a woman's time, especially if she has kids and especially if she's a single mother, has value. It's like gold, so don't forget it and make damn sure her time is well spent.)

Thank you Nicole the 3rd for the long hug before you left with Erin. Hope to see you again.

Thank you Erin for the kind compliments about my beard and the story of your father's beard. Your hands felt good. I wonder if you touched his beard the same way?

I'd write more, but I'm super damn tired and the sounds of Alice Deejay bring back memories of raves and clubs and a long ago life shared by this same body. Makes me want to let the dance out, but better to sleep on it and save it for next year.

See you Friday night at Jack's, Dear Reader. Don't forget Da Silva's Broncos tomorrow night at 9:30pm if you're in the mood to see Suicidal Barfly for the 2nd to last time ever! No cover charge!


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