Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 32 - James Dean and The Big Purple Root - 2.1.2010

Monday at Jack's Bar & Lounge is a mystery because I left my phone at home. Bereft of my ability to take notes, I was force to rely on my memory.


Dank was spinning and Drew Barrymore was in attendance. We talked shop and came up with a name for Matt: James Dean.


I met Yesenia and Dave tonight. They gave me the OK to use their first names when I mentioned the blog.

Yesenia can do a great impression of a man burdened by a huge penis (we're talking elephant trunk) to the point that he's forcibly hunched over, dragging it along as he walks. It reminded me of Ephialtes from the movie 300.

The name of Ephialtes' massive member, as named by Yesenia: The Big Purple Root.

Kind of reminds me of choir practice in Junior High, when we'd sing the words, "The purple headed mountain, the river running by..." then look over at the other side where all the girls sat to see which ones were smiling.

I saw that spider web tattoo again. This time I noticed there was a heart at its center. I wonder, though, if there are not two women who sport such tattoos on their shoulders? Eithe way works for me! ;)

She was standing next to a man I've seen before that looks like a beefy version of Errol Flynn, or perhaps an English pilot from World War II. Swear to God I see the man and think to myself that this dude needs to put on a leather jacket and aviator goggles and go save the world from Hitler's Germany.

No doubt there's more, but I just can't remember. Will have to make new memories (and bring my damn phone) on tomorrow's visit to Jack's. See you then.

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