Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 48 - Beer Cures Ocular Migraines....

...but only if you buy the beer from Jack's Bar & Lounge.

That's what I did, at any rate. Throw some fish crackers and trail mix in a bowl to go along with it and a trip to Jack's is a lot like a trip to see the doctor (paging doctor BuPane!) except the medecine doesn't taste bad.

PG&E had all of the south side of Taylor blocked off so there was no parking in the sweet spot for me at the end of my drive to Jack's from the train station after work.

I had to drive down to 5th and loop around the back side of Happi House to park in their lot, then walk back up 5th to the intersection at Taylor and cross the street to the Cielito Lindo Restaurant & Bar before turning west and walking back down the block to Jack's.

The sound of dump truck engines and backhoes could be heard the whole way.

I saw a man in a white shirt on the phone outside. His dog(?) was leashed to the pole next to the Jack's sign outside and he said, "What's up?" as I walked by. I said hello back and went inside.

Aimee was tending bar and I didn't see anyone sitting at the tables as I grabbed the last spot along the bar near the door and took a seat.

The couple to my left asked how I was doing (can't remember their names atm, though I've met 'em before and they're pretty cool) and I told them I was suffering from an ocular migraine, but other than that I was fine. That sort of killed conversation and I felt bad for that. I wanted to chat.

I ordered up a PBR from Aimee and asked for some goldfish, at which point she offered up some of her trail mix. I said yes to it all and busied myself with salty food consumption while I drank my beer.

The sounds of construction worked being wrapped up for the day flowed into the bar and kind of drowned out the sound of the radio and I can't even remember what was on any of the flat screen TVs.

One customer left and soon after Wes strolled in. Aimee pointed him to the end of the bar where the newly vacant seat was at, just the other side of Dean.

About that time my beer and bar snack was done and let me tell you I felt a whole lot better. There were no more flashy, half-moon shaped slivers of light blocking out my vision and my head hardly hurt.

Fremont Matt walked in for a beer and I gave up my seat to him. We chatted for a bit and I hope his Saturday all-day BBQ goes well. Ribs always sound good.

Too bad the cheese steaks aren't being cooked over the weekends at Jack's. I'd buy one up then.

See you Thursday!

PS: It's the one year Anniversary for Hip-hop nights on Wednesday with DJ Benofficial. Jack's is doing $5 Long Islands and AMF's (not sure what those are, lolz). Gratz to DJ Benofficial, thanks for making Wednesdays awesome and for being so friendly. I heard his name on the radio the other day too. Things are looking up!


  1. whoa. Have you been slacking my friend b/c this entry was presumably written about tuesday's visit. What happened wed-fri? Do you have mono or something? As a teacher I get told to get lots of rest and drink lots of liquids, so try it out k!

  2. My bad. FWIW I have been gardening (well, weeding), picking oranges and having lots of sex. I promise to rehydrate, go to bed early and get caught up on the entries ASAP. ;)