Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 40 - Woohoo! I Like Jack's Visit Numbers That Are Divisible By 10

I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who's helped to keep me on my feet this year (especially you, Mom!) and I'd also like to thank my good friend Sugi for pushing me to get out of the house a year and a half ago and find my way to Jack's Bar & Lounge.

Which is to say a man who doesn't count the women in his life as treasures is a fool. Wish I'd have learned that lesson sooner, but there's no way I'm forgetting it now.

The sun was still up when I made my way to Jack's today.

I parked in the Foster's Freeze lot this time since it's easier to get to when you're headed east on Taylor like I was. I like finding my way to Jack's after work. Bit of a different crowd....more of a work-a-day feel to the people and I like that.

I stepped out of my truck and noticed the orange tint to the clouds as the sun began to set (orange clouds are good indication of why God loves the Denver Broncos, by the way). The sound of construction work winding down carried to my ears from somewhere up 6th Street. Two little old ladies, looking very colorful by way of their red lipstick, blue and red pants and white polka dot shirts under rain coats were sitting on my side of the Foster's lot, sharing one of the little tables while they had a bite to eat.

Since there was so much traffic (and because I didn't want to risk getting run over by someone busy texting in lieu of driving) I chose to cross the street at the light on Taylor and 4th. While I waited for the light to change, I saw a woman in dark gray sweat pants walking a small dog (about as big as a house cat). The dog balked when the woman tried to cross the street, so she picked her dog up and carried it across instead.

I thought to myself: Who's in charge here, exactly?

Not having anyone to pick me up and carry me, I was forced to walk myself across the street and make my own way into the bar.

I saw a nice looking Ford Mustang parked in front of Jack's. I like that car a whooooole bunch.

The owner of said vehicle and several other people were inside. I walked up to the bar and said hello to Jason on my left.

Tanisha served me up a beer real quick and damnit if I didn't forget to say thank you. So: Thank You Tanisha. I'm sorry I let myself get distracted.

My distractor (just made a word up there, call Merriam-Webster for the 2011 Edition) -the aforementioned Jason- gave me some good advice right off the bat. Something to the effect of, "Dude, get rid of the codenames.”

I thought about it and agreed with him. So, no more codenames for peole from Jack's, save for those that want them, for people I don't quite know yet and whenever I feel it's best to use them.

Thank you also Jason for reading each day and for mentioning that the blog helps you to keep up with things going on at the bar when you're not there.

Jason said a bunch of other stuff but truth be told it was kind of fast and I missed it. His offering for a quote of the day, for example.

What I do remember talking with him about was:
  • My beard and when I decided to grow it out (it's a Shark's playoff beard, grown in anticipation/expectation of many playoff wins and a Stanly Cup appearance, started November-ish of last year).
  • Beard genetics. Lolz I may have gotten the better beard genes, but something tells me Jason got the bigger penis. ;)
  • Jimi Hendrix. Jason told me how Jimi Hendrix was very sensitive of his voice, so in the song Crosstown Traffic he used a kazoo of all things to help cover his voice up. I totally had no idea.
  • The power of learning Hendrix tunes. Now I want to hear Jason play sometime.
  • Whether the dude to Jason's right really made his first ever visit to Der Wienerschnitzel today or not.
On the flat screens and starting on my right was Barfly TV on screen 1, a replay of the Super Bowl on screen 2, Men's Basketball - Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt on #3 and #4, and lastly CSN Bay Area sports on the TV closest to the door.

Just Breathe by Pearl Jam was playing about then.

Not much else I remember about today save for talking with Grant outside (he likes to push me around, that Grant) and the man hug we gave each other that Tanisha teased us about. Oh, Ed aka God was there and reminded me his birthday is coming up this Saturday and the party should run parallel with the F*U VD party for the Silicon Valley Roller Girls at Jack's.

Talk about a true test of one's bar skills!

I left Jack's thinking it felt good to have my happy hour confidence back, and to be at Jack's then and not later at night.

See you tomorrow.

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