Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 36 - Art Show

I visited Jack's Bar & Lounge on Friday with my good buddy and long time friend Sugi.

The weather had turned to crap again but inside Jacks it was warm and quite packed for 6:45 p.m. This was due in no small part to the fact that Tanisha was behind the bar and that the remainder of Aimee's new artwork was put on display and many a person had come in to see the opening of her show.

Basically Everyone was there (not quite like a nosism of the "royal we" sort, but you get the idea) and I had the pleasure of saying hello to several people before Sugi and I could take off our coats, find a seat and get some drinks.

Sugi seemed a bit overwhelmed by it all. My trusty friend Christian and his lovely wife were in attendance and came over to conversate. Thank you both for keeping Sugi company while I went in pursuit of more drinks for the both of us. Thank you John for letting me post up at your spot on the bar to order.

When Sugi went on a smoke break, I took the time to get reacquainted with John and "tuna can" Johnny and hear stories from Sailor Tod and his buddy Jim about the survivability of pre-adolescent human eyeballs when exposed to fireworks and butane lighters.

Grant put a name to my favorite piece of art (as mentioned at the tail end of my Day 33 post) but I can't remember what name he used. I did notice that the picture wasn't all black and white as I'd first thought. There's more color to it.

The new picture of two women laying on a bed, wearing blue jeans and naught else, with their backs to the camera and beautiful tattoos exposed could be described as black and white, but not quite so. More a shade of blue and white. It's hard to describe.

Aimee was in attendance and looked fantastic as always. I would have liked to talk to her but didn't get much more than a chance to say hello. Dean was nearby at that moment and suggested I get a webpage or other link from Aimee and she's working on that.

I'm off to Jack's again to have a closer look at all of the art pieces. I'm discovering more about them each time I visit. Plus, it's an opportunity to see inside Aimee's mind. That, as Spock would say, is fascinating.

See you there!

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