Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 58 - Hanging With Wendee and Thunder Gets a Promotion

Saturday, February 27th

After a nice dinner with Wendee aka Rosicrucian (thanks babe), she and I repaired to Jack's for drinks and people watching.

After Matt served us up our drinks (screwdriver for her, PBR for me), Wendee proceeded to check out Crystal's shoes and I said hello to lots of cool people and made sure to introduce Wendee to any of them that came over/came by to say hello, including but not limited to Tody, Andy, Jason, Elena, Aaron, John, Tuna Can Johnny, Lisa, Shannon, Crystal and Thunder.

I also made sure not to do anything that might remotely irritate Thunder (like look at Crystal's awesome boobs or her equally awesome tattoos).

This is because I decided that in a battle between Thunder and Gigantor, I think Thunder would win. Congrats on the promotion, Thunder. You are now The Most Dangerous Person In The Bar.

Speaking of Gigantor: he was on a water diet when I came in. He's so cute. Teddy Bear Cute. Doesn't scare me any more cute. C'mere give us a kiss you big squishy cute (just no tongue, please).

Travis, Ras Dank and DJ Trapps were not too far behind. If I recall DJ Vagabond was there as well. Vagabond and friend are working on some new tracks for a demo CD and I hope to get my hands on one very soon.

Oh, by the way: If you get shot by a squirt gun, blame Wendee. She bought 'em for the bar for Matt's birthday. I wouldn't mind so much, if Jack Daniels was used for ammo.

Our drinks done, Wendee and I stepped outside, but not before I quickly said goodbye to Crystal and Waukeen.

Wendee found a dog to pet (his name is Bones) who has a very well behaved owner. Rina showed up about that time and gave me a hug and I almost squished the pretty yellow flower in her hair. My bad.

Dank, Travis and Shannon were energetically chewing the fat (remember 3rd Rock from the Sun, anyone?) and Trapps -after a few ear-splitting wrong speaker/wrong cable moments- got things rolling on the music side

See you Sunday at Jack's!

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