Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 45 - Harlequin Valentine

Sometimes I have such great/interesting/bizarre experiences at Jack's Bar & Lounge that it's hard to distill it all and find the right words.

Today was just such a day.
  • I confused Mr. T with Mark Twain and sat with Grant while we searched our brains for Twain's real name (it's not Sherwin Williams [my first boneheaded offering] but Samuel Clements).
  • I talked about the true meaning of a loving, balanced relationship with Lisa.
  • I sat with Tall Nicole (not to be confused with she-calls-me-"old soul"-Nicole) and talked about what it's like to work in a coroner's office for two years and what you'd do if you found out the world was coming to an end. I was also amazed that I was sitting with this incredible woman who I'd only just seen for the first time ever the night before when she worked behind the bar at the F*ck V-Day party.
  • I learned the history of Aimee's pieces on the wall at Jack's. Amongst other things, I learned that Tall Nicole is featured in three of them. I also know which of the pieces features Booty Vicious from the Silicon Valley Roller Girls, who's also a cousin of one of the Nicoles.
  • I watched Aimee swim on a bar stool.
  • I watched Gigantor with a wary eye.
  • I talked about home remodeling with Shannon.
  • And so much more....
You may, dear reader, wonder at the significance of this post's title since I usually link the title to something that happened at the bar.

In this case, something did happen at the bar, but I'll not tell that story here because it's unique to me and a little strange to boot.

If you should care to know then come see me at Jack's and perhaps if I trust you well enough you might pry the story from me for a beer. ;)

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