Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 52 - USA Defeats Canada In The Olympics, 5-3

Sunday, February 21

I just don't know how else to tell you this, dear reader: I get to sit with the best, most interesting damn people in the world. They're handsome, energetic, sincere, lovely, friendly and more often than not they smell real good.

And that's just how it is.

...tonight, I sat next to a woman who has a tattoo of an Incan or Mayan-looking mask -perhaps a death mask?- on her back, at the top of her spine and just below the start of her neck.

Twice now when she's turned to look at someone or something I took the opportunity to take in the shape of her back, her neck, her head and her hair with my eyes, trying to memorize everything.

And just as before, that tattoo poked out from the top of her shirt and looked right back at me, as if to say, "She may not have eyes in the back of her head, but she does have me, and I know what you're all about, mister."

Thwarted again. ;)

But I do know she has another tattoo, somewhere. Else why the appointment earlier in the week? I also know she's great to have around for hockey games. She yells, hollers, cheers and knows the players on the team.

And she's just one of several that were at Jack's tonight.

More later.


  1. try day of the dead skull. Nothing as crazy as you described:) and yes, it is watching you!

  2. Hrm...I should just go with my gut next time and not dance around something I'm not sure on.

    Which is to say I thought yours might just be a Day of the Dead-type skull. After all I'd seen and asked about a similar pair of white skulls on a black purse belonging to a woman at --you guessed it-- the bar a couple weeks ago.

    But I fudged in my description of your tattoo, because I wasn't quite sure.

    When I walk by that green newspaper stand across from the bar, I think to myself, "Jeremiah was here." ;) Will he be returning soon?

    Take care, Anonymous!

  3. Next time I see Jeremiah I'll tell him that you miss him!