Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 43 - Sun Up to Sun Down with Starbuck and the Black Pope

I fell over out on the back patio. Missed my landing, as it were.

I remember that much.


A few days later and I remember more.
  • Sitting with Doug and talking about the influence of the Jesuit order in America in terms of setting up universities. From Doug I learned that the head of the Jesuits is sometimes called the Black Pope. That's so fucking cool!
  • Linsaylee aka Starbuck asking for a fall-down reenactment so she could take my picture with her phone. I'd like to get a copy of that one for the blog.
  • Being at work earlier in the day and imagining Jack's as a Cuddle Party location (see this week's Metro or follow the link).
  • Thinking that we save our lives in such unlikely ways as Shahrazad's daily inventiveness saved hers. Perhaps buying oil and sesame really did lead to "open sesame!" later that night.
  • Meeting Henry, Tim and Stacy.
  • A massive wall of clouds that loomed over the western hills that was the color of night-black and gripped the tops of the hills with cloud-fingers while the light from the sunset tried and mostly failed to reach over the cloud wall to bring some sunset color to the transition between night and day. I mean that wall was dark.
  • All the cones across the street were standing together in a caution tape powwow and they invited some barricade friends over for the party.
  • Talking with Doug about Phil Harris' alcohol quote (something to the effect of I feel sorry for people who don't drink when they wake up in the morning, because that's as good as they're ever going to feel all day); staying up late on a humdrum night and discovering Bette Midler for the first time ever on the Johnny Carson show and how Carson took the unusual step of doing an unscheduled long interview with her after her performance; the Crosby Clam Bake (it wasn't always called Pebble Beach Pro-Am you know) and how Harris was a contemporary of Bing's.
  • My second break for air outside watching the neighbor's dog Missy motor back and forth from their house to Der Wienerschnitzel while a lowrider went glub-glub-glub as it idled at the Taylor and 4th Street light with a white guy inside.
  • Finishing off Jason's three shots. You can't diss a guy who calls you in to cover for him. Anytime dude, anytime.
  • Charlie put a straw in my pitcher. Good man!
  • More to come....


  1. I do indeed have that pic. I can not wait for more @ JACKS!!! Every time I go I meet really awesome people, some from my past most are new, I get to enjoy the PABST and hang out and talk to you.. Thanks for letting me rub the smooth...See you next time