Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 55 - Several Shades of Dirty and Stubby Fingers (and a Birthday Notice)

Wednesday, February 24th

Dear reader: get your head out of the gutter. ;)

Were you at Jack's Bar & Lounge with me today, you'd have seen three men occupying the corner of the bar closest to the door.

One of them had a friendly face. He even smiled at me in a way that suggested he knew me, though I did not recognize him (this is a danger for me now, you must understand, as I hold a kind of celebrity status approximately the size of a grain of sand).

He would recycle your used silicon wafers, if you had any leftovers you didn't need, and if he still had his job.

The friend of Friendly Faced man wore a sharp looking 49ers cap and a white sweater. He had a trim black goatee and eyes that were not even visible behind almost touching eyelids, which suggested this man spent much time outside. This may be true, though I don't know for sure. What I can say is 49ers Cap Man can recycle your silicon, since he is still employed in that line of work.

The third man in our little troop would be the one to go to if you needed help with bail. He's also a Cowboys fan and he and I exchanged comments about the Chargers letting go of Ladainian Tomlinson today, as well as the release of Briand Westbrook and Jamal Lewis.

The bondsman thinks Westbrook will go to the Cowboys next year. I'm inclined to agree and think Westbrook will be a good fit for the Cowboy's franchise.

Now lest you think I favor the corner over any spot at the bar, I should tell you a man sat towards the center of the bar. This fellow had a round face covered in stubble, wore glasses and a red hat, and had small, calloused and dirty hands that ended in thick, stubby fingers that have seen a lot of hard work.

Small as they were, I'd no doubt those hands were capable of forming one hell of an iron grip around whatever they grabbed.

Dean came into the bar about the time I started talking with this fellow, who goes around in a trailer and works jobsites for a general contractor. You might just see him at Santana row come May. You'll also see more parking lot disappear around that time too.

Trailer Man and I talked construction, construction supply and how glad he is that the rain has come. Trailer Man wishes we'd get more rain like we've been having, too. He has a buddy that went down Interstate 5 the other day and said it was green as green could be all around during the trip.

This surprised me, since I'm used to I-5 being several shades of dirty browns and smog grays. I still can't believe they keep all that land irrigated and farmable.

Aimee was our bartender this evening and I'm going to fail to describe how awesome she looked, she was and she is, because I don't have the right words yet.

Blogging is fun because I get to try new words on to see if they fit, but dressing Aimee in words requires more than my meager skills can manage (I know, metaphor stretched beyond breaking at this point).

You try it, dear reader (you can leave comments anonymously, after all). I welcome the help!

One thing I can say about Aimee is that, in my opinion, she wears clumsiness like a disguise. I've seen her trip over beer cases and crash into things. But I've also seen her speedily climb around the bar with the grace of a ballerina and the swiftness of a ninja (or better: like Spider Man), without the need to pause and catch her balance.

It's just a series of deft, one-two-three movements and she's on an appliance, removing bottles and cleaning glass shelves.

She's Jackie Chan like that.

I've also seen her swim on a bar stool, but I don't think that supports my point. So never-you-mind that last.

Before this post closes, I should mention to you that it's a certain handsome bartender's birthday tomorrow. Come see him at nine o'clock when his shift starts and be prepared for Aimee to take over not long after. ;)

Moment of random: I've learned how to be the perfect date for a woman needing to fill the "and guest" part of a wedding invitation, provided said woman is recently divorced or has just left a long term relationship. (Thanks, Stephanie Klein, for writing Straight Up and Dirty, for teaching me such words as "wasband", for the advice on first sex encounters, i.e., men should keep the word Astroglide out of their vocabulary, and for pointing out that shiatsu is a form of massage and not a martial art.)

I wonder if I'll run into anyone needing just such a well-rounded fellow as myself on Thursday at Jack's?

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