Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 37 - Friendly Edits

It finally happened.

I came in to Jack's Bar & Lounge tonight and heard from two different people on errors of assumption (yep, that makes me the arse) I'd made in previous blog posts.

Errors aren't good. If I'm not careful, I could spread misinformation about people and I sure as hell do not want to be doing that. The lesson here is I need to ask more questions and get my shit straight before setting something down in writing.

The good news, though, is that this means people are reading the blog.

The corrections are as follows:
  • Matt the bartender is not embracing his girlfriend in the pictures taken by Aimee the bartender that are hanging from the walls at Jack's.
  • Jerry does not live with Brooke.
I've made the appropriate edits and would like to thank those of you who found the errors for reading the blog and for relaying the correct information to me. If any of you should find more errors in previous posts, in future posts or otherwise wish to see changes or edits, please let me know.

After all, it's not like you don't know where to find me. ;)

I should mention that Matt (I just want to call him Matt and not James Dean....Matt's far more cool in my opinion than James Dean ever was) insta-served me a beer when I came in.

I know my writing style comes off as snarky or silly or maudlin, so let me take a moment to be serious: I think one of the most absolutely awesome parts of going to Jack's is when a bartender serves you a drink when you've only got one foot in the door.

As a customer and a patron it makes me feel great. Thank you, Matt. Thank you very much.

See you at Jack's tomorrow for the Super Bowl! They'll be open at noon with specials on beer and BBQ out back.

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