Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 10 - I Was There

Sunday morning at Jack's Bar & Lounge.

Yep, I was there. I saw the pho. I ate Subway. I drank the new sweet tea (thank you Taneesha!) i.e., Firefly, which is basically like Snapple for adults. I sat back as Taneesha and Aimee held court and weighed in on subjects germane to the bartending profession such as:

  • Rude customers: Jack's is the type of place that does not admit of that sort of ill-behaved person.
  • If you order a round, it goes on your tab unless you ask to split it; why is this so hard to understand, oh customer?
  • If you talk shit within earshot of the bartender or come at them sideways (that is, you're new to the bar and already are being demanding like you're God's gift)...well pardner, said bartender may not be so keen to provide you with excellent service.
  • Corollary: just because a bartender's back is turned does not in fact mean their ears stop working.

I also learned that the vagina is, according to Dr. Oz, a self-cleaning oven.

Grant and I talked a bit about tire chains and how he's been on skis since he was a child and his dad tied a rope around him and held both ends to both let him loose and keep him close.

James (kla-klow bang-bang!) walked in after and much man talk about things I can't remember took place.

Thank you to Grant for buying a round of sweet vodka!

I ran into the Beautiful Burping Beauty Queen and got her name as I headed out the door.

Never went to bed last (Saturday) night, actually.

See you Monday after work at Jack's!

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