Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 24 - Thanks Grant and Ask the Wookie

Seriously Grant, thank you for reading this entire blog, for spreading the good word, for the kind words and compliments, and expecially for the excellent advice. It's really, really appreciated.

Sunday at Jack's Bar & Lounge went by fast. I stepped in after the Saints - Vikings game ended. Wasn't in the mood to watch football anywhere, I guess. The crowd had apparently thinned out quick so there was plenty of room to step up to the bar and get a beer from Matt while Aimee went about counting down her register.

I told lots of people about this blog and my plan to visit Jack's every day this year. I don't think I scared anyone into never coming back. ;)  People were very receptive.

Notes on a day that turned into the night:
  • I met a rare regular from Fat Cat's Pub & Grub, the other establishment owned and operated by the fine folks at Jack's. I've visited Fat Cat's and I have to say I like it. Lots of room, excellent placement on the flat screens and a nice kitchen. Look for Travis, Brad or Jordan if (no, when) you choose to visit. Now's the time to become a fixture at Fat Cat's!
  • Thanks to Eric for the Crown Reserve on the rocks. It's a sipper for sure and just as you said the flavor really opens up as the ice melts. Pretty good with a sprite on the side.
  • I talked with a local about what it's like to be unemployed. Also about what it's like to try and climb that last wall in the Sherriff's test. Best of luck to you next time Sabrina! It was nice to meet your bf Anthony too -- hey, you gonna make good on your threat to read this blog and leave opinionated comments or what?
  • Met a nice guy named Nick and mentioned the blog to him. He gave me the OK to talk about our conversation. Nick was a veritable fountain of info on how to use tags and labels to help search engines and other search features index and find this blog. Yours truly is a Padawan* learner when it comes to blogging, but with Nick's help I'll be an apprentice sooner rather than later.
  • Nick grew up in San Jose, went to college in LA then came back because all of his college friends moved to San Francisco post-graduation. We got to talking about the San Jose scene and Nick theorized that most San Jose state students skip downtown San Jose and hit the scene near where he works at Santa Clara University because SJ is just dead by comparison.
  • Thanks to Matt's friends for buying me a shot of whiskey....mmmm, whiskey is good. Free whiskey is even better. ;)  I can even watch you dudes dance with each other because of free whiskey.
  • J/k you guys are way braver than me.
  • I spoke with an interesting fellow named Bill. Mentioned the blog and got the OK to talk about our conversation. Bill explained to me what it's like to be a drummer and make music in a band, to the effect of (paraphrasing here) making music in such a way that it brings down an individual's ego and sense of personal accomplishment, replacing it with a realization that performing in a group allows all the members to do more together than they ever could alone. It "unifies" people and brings them closer to a sense of spirituality. Pretty cool guy, that Bill.
  • Matt the bartender was totally awesome, but that's par for the course.
There was much commings and goings of humans on the side. I saw many regulars and I felt a whole lot better leaving Jack's than I did when I walked in. Again my thanks to Grant and Matt for smoothing things out and pointing me in the right direction.

See you Monday night at Jack's for Reggae!

*Don't know what a Padawan is? You should be embarrassed.  Lolz check out the Wookiepedia for the info you need to only be like ten years behind everyone else. ;)

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