Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 25 - Since I'm Still Awake....and You've Been Dempsied!

At Jack's Bar & Lounge, the following are thanked:

Thanks to the two brothers for the shots, kamikazes and four beers (and to think there are four of you in the world at the same time!), Anne for the innuendo (if you say that with a deep southern accent, it sounds like you're asking for butt sex) and the promise of Story Time With Anne to come (Scotch on the Rocks at the minimum, right?), Dave for laying the musical foundation, Dave's gf (who requested I not use her name) for teaching me that making hollandaise sauce is like way beyond difficult (gratz on nailing it in two tries), KC Rizzel for the conversation about tagging blogs and how to find good music on YouTube, the pretty lady from Boswells for simply showing up, Waukeen and Dave for being so cool and friendly, Rina for being the absolute anchor via tending the bar (can you say "Vespa"? I can too.), Travis for the humor, for watching the door and for keeping an eye on everything (thank you for not nailing me with the Patrick Dempsey cologne samples), all the women who danced alone to Reggae (my bad, I'll learn to dance to it someday and then you can all dance with me at the same time), Gary for the early arrival (why leave so early, we both just got there!?) and G-Nyze for grabbing my soul and toying with it like a good natured cat that doesn't always eat everything that it plays with.

I may not  see you at Jack's on Tuesday, because it's already Tuesday and I stayed until closing from Monday into Tuesday.

Travis says he'll grant me a pass.....so we'll see. Take care and make the trip to Jack's if you can!

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