Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6, 2009 - Day 6

Ahem: Dean was at the bar.

See, I didn't forget about him this time.

Walked in to Jack's Bar & Lounge after work and I felt like I was figuring this whole Work - Shuttle - Train - Light Rail - Walk to Jack's thing out.

Too bad VTA is changing up their bus schedules next Monday.

Aimee was tending bar. She had a blue-ish flower (pin?) in her hair, with a skeletal hand poking out of it. A-W-E-S-O-M-E. I love flowers in hair, as all the women I've hit on will tell you.

So, el bar was full of guys, including one dude that looked like the owner of Jacks multiplied by about 15%. Could have been the owner's older and taller (though certainly not as good looking :wink:wink:) brother.

The guy to my right was busy having a one sided conversation with his iPhone (yep, you can talk to them in Silicon Valley and nobody will so much as bat an eyelash your way - except me, of course; I think you're weird if you do that). This guy also met his wife in a bar called Shannon's, in a foreign country, but don't tell her that he told his iPhone and the general population of Jack's about it, per his request.

In a game of trivial pursuit about Stranger To My Right, I would have a fighting chance at scoring at least one point.

All the dudes eventually left, leaving the bar to me, Dean and Aimee, who were playing a game with spill-proof plastic cards (no boobies, I checked surreptitiously). Aimee even one a round.

My heart was not in it tonight, so I left after a half hour of doing my part to thin out the world's edible goldfish population, watching hockey replays on one TV, motorcross stunts in front of a rock band on stage on another TV and a pair of no-name football teams play for the No-Name Bowl trophy. I caught the bus home just like last night, lickity split.

See you tomorrow at Jack's!

Almost forgot: many thanks to Christian for the suggestions on how to write this blog in a clean, organized way. I'm not keen on the fact that MS Word constantly exposes my inability to spell correctly, but I can take the ego hit.

Not sure about the microphone thing yet. ;)

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