Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 14 - Andii Saves My Back

Day 14 at Jack's Bar & Lounge. It's a Thursday but gawd I wish it was Friday.

Taneesha behind the bar, seven men and six women in attendance and a whole lot else I just don't feel like writing about, save for wonderful, glorious, highly talented and skilled Andii, who came in at just the right time.

She was nice enough to use her skillz on my damn back and work out some of the sharp pains and aches that have plauged me since I started working again.

Thank you Andii.

Ah well, since I'm here: Christian and James (bang bang!) were at the bar and made for lots of interesting conversation as usual, with much of it centered on life in college, art design with wood and life aboard nuclear powered ships. Later on Shannon and Lisa showed up, Shannon worked his magic on the jukebox and things really picked up.

The three ladies at the end of the bar were loud, fun, they sang and danced. I like white girls who talk black.

Let's try again on Friday. See you at Jack's after work!

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