Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 22 - Of Tasty Friday Beer and Time Capsules

They say we'll get some sunshine on Saturday. You wouldn't know it if you -like me- traveled through the rain-soaked chill to visit Jack's Bar & Lounge last night. It was just really damn cold and wet.

The L-shaped bar at Jack's was full from end to end when I walked in. Their was a spot on the corner between Doug and Tim so I squeezed in as best I could.

Turns out that spot belonged to someone else just returned from the restroom, so the whole bar made to move over like a bunch of hockey players making room to let a player take a seat on the team bench after his shift on the ice ended.

Taneesha was behind the bar and served me a beer lickity split. I still think that's the coolest part of going into Jack's every day and I probably always will.

Today I was introduced to someone named Dan, but didn't get to talk to him all that much. I also met someone named Anne, who I had a very long conversation with about Physics. We talked about the spin of particle pairs, whether or not black holes evaporate (they do, in fact), predetermination and the concept of free will.

I don't actually know all that much about the science of Physics, but I'd been listening to Brian Greene's audiobook The Fabric of the Cosmos for the last week at work, so I was prepared to fake it rather well. ;)

Before speaking with Anne I enjoyed talking with Doug, Tim, Gary, Tod, Mark, Christian and Jenny, and Ed. I agree with Jenny's idea that the vacant property near Japantown San Jose would be enhanced by the construction of both a Taco Bell and a Nordstrom Rack.

On the other hand I'd visit such a Taco Bell as much as I do Jack's Bar, which would reduce the air quality in my house considerably. ;)

Tod had an excellent idea about creating a time capsule and burying it at Jack's. It could be sponsored by a neighborhood and/or local business association, and be filled with pictures, notes, keepsakes and memories from and about the people who've been to the various incarnations of Jack's Bar over the years.

My conversation with Anne went off and on throughout the night. I'd already mentioned to her about my plans to visit Jack's every day and write this blog, so we are in negotiations of sorts on just how many drinks the ironic stories she has to tell are worth.

At one point she told me a story about going to Mission to meet a Christian, later she was walked home by a guy named Moses. Then the conversation moved to the parallel evolution of humans and horses, and how Genghis Khan had a Napoleon complex before anybody knew what that was.

Thank you to Tim for the rounds of Kamikazes and to Doug for the beer and for telling me about your adventures in basement plumbing and the epic skills of the staff at Conleff Plumbing Supply.

Unlike you, I would have ripped that damn bolt off the pipe because I'm just not that patient. It's pretty cool though that the guys at Conliff identified the pieces you brought into their shop before you'd taken two steps in the door. I'm going to check that place out.

Before I forget: Jack's has new signage up, which reads: Cheese Steaks, $5, 11 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday, $1 off any draft or well with purchase.

At some point Charlie and Jordan came in to relieve Taneesha, Dave and then Travis showed up to work the back patio and front doors respectively and DJ's Overflow, Boogey and D-shot arrived to spin. Like last week, a super-crowd followed them in so it was time for me to hit the road.

See you Saturday at Jack's!

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