Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 9 - Lots and Lots of Humans at Jack's

I haven't been to Jack's late at night in about a week. I said hello to Dave who was checking ID's at the door tonight and strolled in to Jack's Bar & Lounge a little before 10 p.m.

DJ Trapps (see Travis' profile at and download last year's mix recorded live at Jack's annual Christmas party) was spinning up a great mix of hip hop and old school variety. He's there every Saturday night at Jack's.

I quickly found my bar buddy Gary at the center of the bar, said hello and proceeded to catch up with him. Gary had had a great day (the guy went on a date with a very pretty lady today, then later on out to a movie with yet another pretty lady - he does well, that Gary) and paid for my first pint. Thanks, man.

No sooner had we toasted to his good day when a woman approached us. She announced that her friend was getting married and my services were required by the bachelorette party immediately. I soon found myself standing before a legion of incredibly beautiful women, who occupied two tables pressed together, with the bride to be at one end. (How did I miss them when I walked in, I wonder?)

The bride's name was Sara. I learned it was my job to bow down before her so her picture could be taken while she kissed my shiny bald head. They forgot to put the coupon book of "things to do before you get married" in the picture -which apparently is required as proof- so we did it again.

My new motto is, "Anything for a bride to be." ;) Also, thank you Sara for giving me permission to write about that rather enjoyable moment in this blog. Congratulations and I wish you and your future husband all the best.

A bit later Matt showed up to back up Jordan for the rest of the night behind the bar. When I think about it, it amazes me just how fast the bar filled up after that.

By my count there were at least four birthday groups at Jack's (all girl's birthdays) plus the bachelorette party. It got so crowded in the bar that at one point I literally could not leave to step outside for some fresh air. That big a crowd might seem a bad thing, but I think it's good. The more $ that rolls into Jack's, the better for all of us. Gary held our spot at the bar and I bought the next round.

When I finally did get outside, I got a chance to speak briefly with Dave about a minor altercation that took place at Jack's on Wednesday. Some peole just don't know how to behave, but Dave (who was there that night) sure as hell knows how to safely restrain a misbehaving person and remove them from the bar. Dave also kindly introduced me to his former roommate Cami.

I went back inside to continue chatting with Gary and watch the replay of Superbowl XXXII, where the Broncos (my team; go jump in a lake, Raider fans!) kicked the crap out of the Packers. I was introduced by Gary to a well dressed man named Jerome and his beautiful date (can't remember her name; sounded Greek, though), I saw Brook and Jason for like a split second before the swell of the crowd blocked my view and noted there were several women with flowers in their hair all throughout the bar.

Gawd I'm a sucker for flowers in hair.

Soon it was time for more fresh air outside. I stepped out the door and saw a man who had a cigarette, but no lighter, so I asked if he needed a light. After I lit his cigarette, he asked if I worked at Jack's (I get that, sometimes). I said, no then introduced myself. He said his name was Joe. Joe said he was a General Contractor who builds and remodels restaurants and clubs from Los Angeles up to the Bay Area.

Joe is of Portuguese decent and is working on getting dual citizenship in Portugal. He wants to move out of the US and live either in his ancestral home (I can't remember the island chain where his ancestors came from) or in Spain. According to Joe, once you have a visa of European origin, the European Union rules say you can live anywhere in Europe. I hope he gets his new citizenship.

Unfortunately poor Joe was a bit too deep into his cups. At one point he literally put his hands on one of a pair of women to stop them as they were passing by. I thought he knew these ladies, but the "Oh please, give me a break" from the lady said otherwise.

I expected Joe to let her go, but he didn't. I akwardly stepped up to Joe and gently brushed him back with my body while putting my arm around him. Joe let go of the first lady, tried to reach for the second but they were able to get by and back into the bar. Joe said, "C'mon man, aren't you in your thirties, right? You need to live a little!"

I told him, "Joe, I just like to sit back and take it all in. I'm going to be here every day this year. Something good will come to me."

"Yeah?" said Joe with an impatient shrug, "when?" I just smiled and told him it was time for me to go back inside and find my beer.

Once I finished that beer it was time to go. I said thanks to Gary for holding the fort and grabbed my coat and hat. After letting 11 people squeeze past me (yep, I counted mentally and they just kept on coming) I made it to the door where I said goodnight to Dave.

James walked in to Jack's as I was walking out. Good luck getting inside, buddy. ;)

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