Monday, January 4, 2010

January 3, 2010 - Day 3

It was all supposed to be so easy. Go in for a beer, chase it with a soda or two and call it a night. But no, I had to go and talk to people. Before I knew what was what, the sun had set, Jeff took over for Travis behind the Bar and Chris Burkhardt showed up to kick ass on the Steel Guitar. Let me see if I can recollect....

...While watching the New York Jets absolutely crush the Cincinnati Bengals, Tim got things started by talking about attending a Premier League match at Liverpool Stadium in England and what it's like to drink in Ireland as an 18 year old. The new Liverpool stadium (due by 2011) will seat 71,000 people. Man I need to go there before I die.

...I got to talk with Gene "G-Nyze" who spins Reggae with Dave and KC on Monday nights at Jack's Bar & Lounge. Gene doesn't own a computer nor does he have a website/Facebook/Myspace. Instead, he spins true vinyl records and likes to go hunting for old, hard-to-find vinyl albums in Santa Cruz. Good way to grab up rare Led Zeppelin records, according to Gene.

...I talked to Mimi about her "Misu" line of exclusive clothing (Mimi had just come back from Los Angeles). I learned about exclusive host parties that she sponsors that are not unlike Tupperware parties: you visit, you see a line of products displayed and you purchase one of a kind clothing that (unlike Tupperware) is not mass produced, for relatively cheap. Nothing in her line is over $30. It's possible to get true rabbit fur-trimmed coats from Mimi.

Mimi had just sold out her Winter line and was busy working on her Spring collection. She showed me several pictures of what she'd sold and mentioned she was even late to meet her date because she'd just made $200 on an afternoon Sunday sale. I'd include a link, but she doesn't have anything online yet. Also, strictly speaking, she wore her black wool dress (also part of the line) rather well. Too bad she left to go see a movie, I'd have liked to talk to her more. She did buy us all food from Wienerschnitzel next door though. Thank you Mimi!

....I got to spend some quality time with Leonardo DaVinci (not kidding, that's his real name). Leo rocks. He's local, lives literally next door to Jack's, tells hilarious jokes (the joke about becoming a man via grandma and making $10 at the same time just killed me) and even better stories. The one about watching two hippies stand back to back and beat the crap out of a whole ship's worth of sailors in Santa Cruz before Leo drove home with his wife in time to deliver one of his sons at Good Sam was awesome.

Thank you Leo for buying me a few rounds!

Favorite bartender quote of the night: "I'm not trying to change the Universe, I was just fantasizing (about) having sex with you in the shower."

Over time Marcus, George and Kelly stopped by. A triple threat of regulars that I'm always extremely happy to see. I will try harder to not hold against Kelly the fact that she's a Raider fan.

I'd recollect more, but I'm tired and need to get ready for work tomorrow. See you Monday night at Jack's!

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