Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12 - Foreign Invasion Plans

My daily journey to Jack's Bar & Lounge is not a particularly long one, but it is punctuated by many stops along the way. Two bus trips, two light-rail trips, two train trips and two shuttle trips on weekdays.

I found myself chatting with a pair of fair inspectors/police officers on the first light-rail journey of the day. Officers Jimenez and Jackson (no first names as they have enemies; seriously!) advised me that since I was doing the train thing to and from work, that meant my average number of miles driving each month would go down considerably.

They advised me to call my car insurance provider and request a rate reduction, as most providers will lower your rate if you show proof of less mileage driven.

Over lunch break at work I did as they recommended and am now looking forward to a $25 decrease in my monthly insurance premium starting next month. Nice guys, those officers.

That's one thing Jack's has taught me: how to approach and talk to strangers.

Speaking of Jack's, I walked in out of a slow drizzle and found Jack's to be comfortably warm. Only three customers and the bartender were present. Dean was leaning over his smart phone, plotting the overthrow of a foreign country. Another guy was on his laptop at the front of the bar and a third gentleman occupied the center of the bar.

Taneesha was tending, so I said hello to her and Dean and ordered up my usual.

Dean put his plans for conquest on hold as we watched news from CNN about the major earthquake in Haiti. He critiqued the blue jeans and suit jacket wearing commentator as someone they probably called in last minute, as that outfit didn't match at all.

Dean and I talked about the US invasion of Haiti in the past and I mentioned a factoid about the Marine General in charge of the Corps at the time wanting his men to lead the invasion so they could recoup their "Hoo Ra!" after losing it over the bombing of their base in Lebanon.

Dean corrected me, noting that this was probably a reference to Grenada, as Haiti wasn't invaded by the US until the 1990s.

I imagine Dean knows quite a bit about a lot of things, in addition to overthrowing foreign countries. If ever someone suggests playing Trivial Pursuit, I want Dean on my side if he's around.

After wiping out a whole bowl of goldfish, a soda and a beer, I beat feet for the door and caught the bus home.

See you tomorrow at Jack's!

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