Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5 - "Is there ever a good time to call a police officer 'sugar tits'?"

Title quote courtesy of Aimee.  ;)

Walked to Jack's Bar & Lounge from the Civic Center Light Rail/Bus stop. Felt kind of wierd walking in from that direction, but I better get used to it because that's pretty much my route to Jack's from work every day.

Christian and today's first shift bartender (Aimee - just back from her vacation and looking well rested) were outside for a quick smoke when I walked around the corner from Der Wienerschnitzel (gawd my fingers slow down to type that word like it's a writing speed bump) parking lot.

We all turned to go inside just as Shannon and Lisa (also returned from their holiday trip) pulled up to the curb on the other side of the street. Shannon can cook, but I digress; the five of us went inside to an otherwise empty bar*.

After we got seated Aimee served us up some trail mix. At that point I would have eaten cardboard with sugar on it, I was that hungry. I should have asked if their were any Pop Tarts left. Damn!

Right around then James "kla-klow!" and one other bar patron showed up and the roster of people I'd get to spend time with was complete.

Today I learned that Christian (Severin - IMBD profile link - they need a photo of him on IMBD; Christian is one sexy beast, let me tell you) has done visual effects for such movies as 300 and Twilight. He helped make sure that the arrows that peppered the bodies of the Spartans (all CGI) didn't move around as the Spartans went through their death throes. Christian also worked on the spear that Leonidas hurled at the end of the movie (oh for a better aim, Leonidas! That tall-ass Persian deserved to eat spear and die!) as well as the deer that Edward Cullen tackles in a flash at the start of Twilight.

According to Christian, he's in the special features section of the special edition Twilight disk.

Pretty fucking kick ass, if you ask me.

Turns out James has done some of the coding work on computer programs that let a computer read the borders of objects in an image and delete anything within those borders. From there the conversation shifted to green screen technique and why even with programs like what James has written someone (or a group of someones) still has to go in and remove stray objects and green screen effects by hand, frame by frame.

So I was basically surrounded by awesome for one whole beer.

Speaking of beer: mine disappeared way too fast, which unfortunatley meant I had to make like a baby and head out. I said goodby to Christian, Aimee and James and was pleased to see the bus home show up just after I crossed the street.

See you tomorrow at Jack's!

*EDIT: Crap! I forgot Dean! Dean was anchoring the center of the bar when we all walked in. Sorry dude!

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