Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 2, 2010 - Day 2

A trip to Jack's Bar & Lounge is always fun when the Shark's game is playing inside. 

Seeing the Sharks score four goals on their way to a win is even better.

Hearing female bar goers holler when the Sharks players get into fights is damn near priceless. "Kick his ass!" never sounded so good.

Final score: San Jose Sharks 4, Edmonton Oilers 1. Sharks are on an eight game win streak. Hope they keep it up!

Jeff was working behind the bar and looked a little wore out still from the New Year's celebrations. Nevertheless he was 100% on top of things and kept my glass full. He busted out the Pop Tarts from yesterday and served me up a couple of those two.

Pop Tarts and Beer never gets old.

It was pretty chill. Eight ladies, four guys tops.

Tonight I met someone named Isaac. Isaac walked to the bar and had his two dogs with him. The dog's names are Bentley and Marley. They're a mixed breed of Sharpe and Lab and are absolutely beautiful animals. Isaac said they're extremely friendly around people and kids, but will also guard a campsite and love to play in lakes and rivers.

He told me a story from when the dogs were puppies. Marley(?) was on the other side of a small river when they were out camping. Isaac didn't think the pup would come to him when called, but he called for her anyway. To his surprise Marley jumped right in --and got promptly carried downstream by the current.

Isaac had to jump in after her to save her. From then on he knew his dogs were game.

The second shift bartenders and doorman (Matt, Travis and Dave, respectively) rolled in and I made to hit the road, but not before getting in some more chat time with my bar buddy Gary. Jeff was ready to go home too so I said goodnight to everyone and gave Jeff a ride back home.

I would have loved to go back to Jack's but -like Jeff- I'm still tired from New Year's. Too bad, though. The Blond Burping Beauty Queen (see yesterday's entry) was due to show up.

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