Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 28 -Of ACME and The Shot Whisperer

Quote of the night:
Ever since the Raiders sucked dick, I've been a Shark's fan.

Before I forget: My apologies to Doug. I thought you were Mike. All you white people look the same to me.

Jack's Bar & Lounge was semi-full for the Shark's game tonight. Sucks that the Sharks lost to Chicago in overtime. Impressive comeback from a three goal deficit though. Watching Shark's games with a crowd is always fun, especially at Jack's.

People met tonight:
  • Tina, who plays Rugby with men or women and tells a good brain teaser (I would have kidnapped the woman of my dreams and left the old lady and the average woman on the side of the road). Hell of a coach, I'm told.
  • Chris, who remembers the halcyon days of Sacramento bars, particularly the one that would clean off its walls each year, then have them filled with bras belonging to newly christened 21 year olds by the end of the year. Those were, in Chris' words, the days.
  • Jim, a friend of Tod's, who's back in the Bay Area and looking to make it big one way or another.
  • The aforementioned Doug, who I thought was Mike from last night. Damn white people.
To be given a name is a blessing or a curse. If I overhear your being given a name at Jack's, it will very likely go on the internetz for all time. Thus, Jerry hath been christened by Travis as the Shot Whisperer.

I'm not sure why Travis did this, but it doesn't matter; it sounds cool.

Operation Naming Conspiracy got some wind in its sales tonight, via the executive decision to include animated characters as possible choices. Including fictitious corporations from animated TV shows is stretching that decision, but I'm easy like that.

If you read this blog regularly, you know I always mention anyone who buys me a drink. Today's entry is no exception. We could have called him Hawk from M.A.S.K, we could have called him Hefty Smurf, but no, we went one step further. His name shall be ACME.

My thanks to ACME's generosity tonight for the PBR and the Blueberry Press. Who would have know that soda water, 7-Up, ice and Blueberry flavored Stoli could taste so good? On ACME's advice this shall become a future summer drink, for when the days get ugly-hot.

Lord almighty it's a miracle. Not only did I get home before midnight, but el blog is done too!

Friday at Jack's should be fun. No curfew then. ;)

Before I forget: Dank is behind the bar on Saturday from opening until the night shift 'tenders arrive. If live bands are more your speed, check out Fat Cat's on Saturday. Travis (lolz, let's just call him The Godfather) will be there and so will three (or four?) local bands.

Until then, take it easy. See you at Jack's!

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