Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 26 - Of Happy Campers and Naming Conspiracies

I'm going to spend the time from now (1:12 a.m.) until I actually fill in this blog entry later today after work deciding just how much I want to share about the very pretty woman I had the privilege of speaking with at Jack's Bar & Lounge tonight.

She's a really something else and I'm feeling a little selfish about her; i.e. I’m not all together in the mood to share because I want to keep this memory for myself alone. ;)

Regardless, I'm going to bed with a satisfied mind and a warm feeling right around my heart, and that's the truth of it, come what may.

We'll just call her Grace and leave it at that. All you fracking BSG fans ought to get the reference.

Later that day, as our hero returns from another epic battle in his eternal struggle to defeat the infinite legion of squirrels who secretly run Stanford University (that's why Stanford's mascot is a tree, by the way--and don't believe the Wikipedia entry on the tree either; despite what the squirrels want you to think, not everything on the interweb is true).....

Welcome back, dear reader!

No change on the first half of this blog post. I like it just the way it is, sappiness and all.

The Naming Conspiracy is in full effect. For some time to come, people who wish not to be named (or who I don't care to name, but still wish to talk about) shall receive either the name of a famous celebrity or a character from a movie or television show.

For example: Travis the bartender is fine with me using his name (he even said so), but if I were to give him the treatment, I'd refer to him as Burt Reynolds. My co-conspirator (see below) would call him Sean Connery.

The choice of the actor reveals how my closest advisor and I see Travis in different ways, which is part of the fun.

For those of you who don't go to Jack's Bar (your life would be less boring if you visited btw) this will not confuse things as much as you might think. After all, a name is just a name; it's the descriptions and stories that matter.

If you keep reading, you'll get the idea of who is who.

For the bar regulars, be warned! Though your true identity is as protected as Batman's groin, your Conspiracy name may change at a moment's notice depending on the particulars of each night, the advice I receive and how much you've had to drink. ;)  Figuring out who is who should be fun, I hope.

If not, I'll buy you a drink by means of an apology and we can forgive and forget, m'kay?

Thus, the time has come to reveal my co-conspirator. We shall cal her Drew. Drew Barrymore. Drew is wise, can defeat you in hand to hand combat easily and is in the works to make Julia Child look like a rank amateur.

It seems fitting that the first person to get the treatment is the pretty woman I spoke to last night. Take care, Grace Park. I hope the planetarium visit was a blast and all the little humans had fun.

See you Wednesday night at Jack's!

(Jeremy -woops, I mean Fabio- wonders what mentioning all these celebrities is going to do to search results the next time this blog is indexed.)

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