Monday, March 8, 2010

Damn......missed Stephanie. Life has given me all that I could want, but I still want something else. Damn riddles of life.


  1. if I were to write a blog about lay nite, it would be called: the nite of random guys at the bar.
    Dude#1: his hand would not stop bleeding. Bloody napkins everywhere!
    Dude#2: his friend was of no help,but did offer to be my personal bodyguard and offered me "protection" of all kinds.
    Dude#3: some guy with a goatee ponytail that offered to buy me a drink but totally bounced without buying me shit. Figures, he was wearing an LB hat in SJ. Lame-o
    Dude#4: pervy Mcperv who gave me a hug, kissed my face, proceeded to lick my ear, all while his gf was shit faced drunk somewhere else.
    Dude#5: "I'm just going to keep staring at you from across the bar" guy. Kindda wanted to tell him to take a picture cuz they last longer.
    Dude#6: the poor bartender who lost at rocks, paper, scissors. And I got to keep the prize!
    Dude#7: the guitar player who winked at me. Yep, I got winked.

    The end

  2. Gratz on the wink! You know, if you collect enough of those you can turn them in for a prize. ;)

    So, which bar. ms.steph? I was at Jack's, at PF Chang's (awesome hostess, great bartender), at Cinnabar (Stormtrooper by the poopers!) and at Fahrenheit (teh lame karaoke, though Christian is Ray Charles in a white man's body, and he can see too), then back to Jack's.

    Were you in the neighborhood?

    You have carte blanche to comment on this blog at will, btw (which you already had, I'm just wanting to read more of your adventures, plz).

  3. Hi. I wasn't out last nite, all that happened Sunday nite at jacks. I wasn't there too late but was there long enough to meet all those characters tho! Oh yeah, there was also a guy that came in with aimee who smelled like a frickin bonfire. It made me hungry!

  4. WTF?! That was at Jack's? Argh! Bonfire man was probably Wes from Texas. Wes does the cooking and grilling thing, after all, and provided one hell of a Super Bowl meal at Jack's this year.

    Clearly I failed by not showing up on Sunday. Fun is fun, but it's more awesome with me around.

    And I generally don't lick faces without asking permission first.

    Anyway, did you see that shadow? That's from my ego blocking out the sun. ;)

  5. hello jeremy. Yes, bonfire man was wes and he smelled delicious! And yes, your huge ego almost knocked me off of this site. Be careful with that. Maybe I can be your ghostwriter when you're elsewhere doing god knows what :) And may not lick my face...not without some cocktails first.

  6. Done deal: I dub thee Ghost-Writer.

    I've never had a cocktail before. I didn't know they caused people to face lick either.

    After some drinks, let's talk about how insensitive and dumb men are, and why the fact that they can't read minds is a major point against them.

    Perhaps we could talk about Comic-Con adventures too (yours, not mine, since you're clearly biased against WonderCon for some strange reason).

    Have a nice day/night/in-between!

  7. was thinking about stopping by the bar tonite. Any takers???

  8. I ought to be there around sundown (depending on how long laundry and grocery shopping take lolz).

    At 8:30 pm I'm off to Tres Gringos to help represent Jack's since none other than Aimee BuPane will be there by 9 pm in a bartending competition of some kind and all Jack's-persons are invited to support her.

    Ever been to Tres Gringos? Me neither. ;)

  9. tres huh? Ugh. But it's always good to go to support your friend. Well we may just miss eachother again tonite. Sigh.