Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 75 - The Golden Scorpion

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

I ran into Patty at the Train Station today and offered her a ride home. After showing me around her legendary house (where many a bartender hibernates during the day) we chatted a bit and she asked me to say hello to Shannon and Lisa at Jack's Bar & Lounge later tonight when I headed over there.

About a half hour after my visit with Patty, Ras Dank and their cat was concluded, that's exactly what I did.

Shannon and Lisa had a laugh when I told them "Hello from Patty, because she knows you'll be here."

Shannon and Lisa were interviewed by Aimee B. today at their newly renovated house. The subject was Shannon and Lisa's thoughts on going to Mexico after the recent violence there. If Aimee's teacher picks her interview it could end up as a clip on CNN. Good luck Aimee!

Speaking of Shannon: I got the skinny on his golden scorpion necklace. Turns out it's his zodiac sign. Like me, Shannon only has one tattoo on his top left arm. His of a scorpion, mine of the Gangrel vampire clan symbol (wolf's head).

If you read the blog regularly, you know that I find Lisa to be extremely attractive and beautiful. But she is in fact One of Three. Having now met all of her sisters, I'm upgrading them all to Borg status, since just like Seven Of Nine, all three are hot.

I chatted with Christian today about different frame rates for movies. Did you know in the old days frame rates were 30 per second? In Europe they're 25 per second. Also there are machines that function at 23.9 frames per second (I think for HD).

We chatted about purchasing bikes. You can get to downtown in like 7 minutes from Jack's on a good bike. Time to invest in one, methinks. Wonder if I ought to get a used police bike on the (relative) cheap?

On their trip, Christian and Jenny met their friend who plays the lawyer on the Scrubs television show (and who is in real life nothing like the character, btw). Christian recollected for me what it was like to live near Mann's Chinese theater and watch all the people look up and take pictures while he tried to navigate through the crowds just to get to Subway. "No thanks, I'm a local," was said often to hawkers of maps. Eventually they figured out he was a local and let him be.

3 tall kegs were sitting in the alcove just before entrance into the back hallway. Didn't get to see what was in them. Didn't get to talk to Jason today either.

Lindsay came in at the last minute with virtually no voice, poor thing. I bought her a beer and made sure to tell her she looked great (which she did, red lipstick and all). Lindsay's napkin notes to me and Christian follow:

Wished I could have stayed longer, but it was off to Cosco with me for some relatively crowd-less bulk grocery shopping. Why do I go on a weekday? Because shopping at Cosco on the weekends is a lot like driving to and then walking around the Raiders stadium on opening day, i.e. crowded as shit and you take your life into your own hands for a minimal reward.

Shouldn't forget Tanisha's no-look service ftw*. I hadn't even sat down before she had a beer for me. You fucking rock, Tanisha.

Nor should I forget the pretty woman with the red button up blouse with white floral print pattern. Extremely pretty and not unafraid to rearrange her blouse like someone adjusting the socks on his or her feet. Lots of that went on today.

See you on Saint Patty's Day at Jack's!

*Mom: that means "For The Win"  ;)


  1. awesome.. too bad my penmanship stinx!!!!!! its always a great time @JACKS'S ALWAYS!!!!

  2. You write just fine, Lindaylee. The kind of penmanship any doctor would kill to have. ;)