Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 67 - Can You See Yourself In My Pants?

Monday, March something

For the record: I didn't actualy see myself in Jessica's pants. However if I did look, the small mirror on the back of her thong would reflect my ogling face right back at me. Then she'd pop the question that is the source of today's blog post title.

In addition to being Holy's mom, Jessica is someone I regard as awesome, though I basically don't know her all that well. Need to work on that.

Cadu is playing on my iTunes. I like playing music made by people I've hung out with at the bar. He performs locally, btw. Downtown SJ recently, if I recall.

So anyway, it was a pretty thongy sort of multi-part day at Jack's. Lots of movie talk in the first half of the trip. Jerry led the discussion by sheer dint of vocal power and Travis and Dean contributed as best they could to the discussion. Whenever I got out of line, Jerry palmed my bald head like Shaq grabbing a basketball and put me right back in line.

Then Jessica showed up and blew them all away. Especially with her Top 5 list generated in relatively no time at all (see below).

What do you think about a Tuesday movie night at Jack's? Travis is up for it. So am I.

After leaving Jack's and visiting downtown with Christian (thanks dude for dinner, drinks and good times at P.F. Chang's, Cinnebar and Fahrenheit!) I attempted some beer thievery to start the second half of the day (well, night) at Jack's.

Thankfully neither Black and Lacey (that's a thong description; try and keep up, Dear Reader) nor her date saw fit to bust my chops over it. They helped sort the hodgepodge of half-consumed drinks at the corner of the bar, taking their beer out of my hands and handing me mine. 

Now I can't remember if they stole our seats or if Christian and I stole theirs. Either way I had a chance to chat and look at thongs, so it's all good.

Black and Lacey is wise in the ways of Wines and Spirits (I have the cards to prove it) and has one of those impossible faces that doesn't actually need any hair to go along with it. This must sound crazy to you, Dear Reader, but I tell you such women exist. It's all in their face: expressive, with cheeks, chins,  noses, foreheads and lips that somehow communicate as much as a pair of eyes ever could.

I wonder if her date/friend/male wingman/whatever sees her the same way?

So, images of today's trip follow.

Starting with the receipt: Jessica's list of top 5 movies. Next, a condom pack "sex kit" that Christian found on the floor at Jack's (and that I'm irrationally afraid to open). Below that, a fortune cookie fortune from P.F. Chang's.

What are your Top 5 movies of all time, Dear Reader?

See you tomorrow at Jack's!

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