Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 84 - No Fancy Titles

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Quotes of the day:
"Nice balls, Jeremy" -Travis
"I haven't eaten balls, but my mom has." -Unknown
"Do dolphins have knuckles?" -Travis

Today, Thursday, saw the end of project 'Try it Grant's way'.

You see, my housemate bit on an offer of a free ticket to the Shark's game and asked me to give him a ride up there. Being the obliging sort, I obliged him.

After dropping my roomy off, I found myself in my truck as a sea of teal and white walked by. I knew I couldn't go into the Shark Tank, but I didn't want to leave all the people behind, either.

Thus I resolved to go downtown to have a drink and maybe a bite to eat and watch the game. I regarded my choices from the parking garage side of San Pedro street. The Old Wagon Saloon beat out Firehouse and in I went.

A turkey burger and 32 ounces of beer later and I'm off to Jack's by truck, with Laser Man in the passenger seat. Earlier Laser Man sat down next to me just a few minutes after I walked in to the Wagon.

At Jack's, we sat down on either side of Tod and Jimmy and proceeded to get our drink on properly. Travis provided us with a round of shots to get things started right.

Wendee came in after awhile, then Stephanie and her coworker Alex. Things didn't go too well with Wendee thanks to my trusty ability to verbally dig myself into a very deep hole, but I did have a very nice conversation with Stephanie, and I sure did appreciate that outfit she wore because I got to see more of her and she looked fantastic.

I like learning about her, one day at a time.

Mental note: be ready the next time a woman says, "Ask me anything you want." Not sure how I can avoid becoming temporarily unable to think if such a woman follows up her offer with a giant smile.

Stephanie's smile just grabs me. Wendee's smile does that to.

And of course all the smart-to-ask questions waited to bubble up into my conscious at exactly the point where Stephanie left for the night. All the how-to-get-in-her-pants questions popped up too, to be entirely too honest.

Now that I think about it, it's a miracle I can take my own pants off some nights, much less find my way into anyone else's. That probably explains why I sleep in my pants after a heavy night at Jack's.

Irony always lurks like a judge, waiting to balance the scales.

I just remembered: it's way more fun to watch someone draw a picture than it is to see the finished product. Seems totally random, Dear Reader? Well it's not, if you know who at the bar draws really well. I know just such a person.

Met a man named Oasis, who'd just come over from 7 Bamboo. His head seemed rather large on his shoulders, but I didn't tell him that. Also met a beautiful woman named Christina and her friend with the San Jose Firefighter's Car Show Get Together shirt.

Christina introduced herself to me after Wendee chatted her up about me and the blog. Good looking out, Wendee!

When Christina left for the night she had her hair down, whereas earlier in the night it was up. I remember introducing Oasis to Christina and he dared to kiss the top of her hand. Braver than me, that's for sure.

Outside I ran into a woman who I haven't seen in almost ten years. We worked together in the Deli at Booksmart in Morgan Hill when she was still in High School. Would've loved to chat with her and catch up, but her boyfriend forgot his ID so no drinky for them.

Back inside the bar, the men's room was full of surprises. For example, someone took the time to tag the side of the toilette in big black permanent marker. We're talking not quite graffiti level of coverage. Positively spider web looking if you let your eyes go unfocussed a little bit when you look at it. The head of the urinal was also tagged as well. I don't care who claims it: I'm still pissing in it.

Robert came in after work and showed me the 305 pictures on his phone. If you're ever on the top level of a parking garage in downtown San Jose, spent a moment taking in the view. If Robert's pictures are any indication, it's pretty awesome.

ACME, Bang-Bang! and Katie came in much later. Thanks as always to the brothers Magnusson and Katie for their kindness, generosity and concern that I get home safe.

It was either Katie or Travis who declared Totino's pizza rolls are officially a fourth food group in their house. Not sure how the subject came up.

Same is true for why women call each other up to discuss their latest bowel movement, whereas men are more practical and just take pictures to share later. Sometimes you fall into the middle of a conversation whether you want to or not.

Like every Thursday, Matt was behind the bar and all was well. Tonight, Travis was on the door for good measure.

See you Friday night at Jack's!

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