Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 68 - Caddyshack and Cold Wind

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Brr! It's cold in a cold-wind-blowing sort of way.

Dear Reader, I'm from Colorado, which means a wind that drops the temp to around 50 degrees is actually considered a warm breeze where I'm from. However, in an attempt to be more like my fello Kaliforneans (as Ahnold would say it), I'm making like I need to shiver to stay warm.

My cough continues unabated. I sound old, hacking and wheezing like I'm an extra in a movie that features sick homeless people. Thankfully Jack's Bar & Lounge was toasty warm. I walked in to sounds of Enter Sandman playing on the jukebox. There were eight people inside and Tanisha was behind the bar.

She served me up a PBR just-like-that and when I win the lottery it's $100 tips for that kind of service, which is equal parts top notch and awesome.

I couldn't tell if the lights were already dimmed inside the bar or if it was just that overcast outside to the point where there was no extra light to shine into the bar.

Caddyshack was playing on the middle flat screen and I reverted to mindless-ten-year-old-in-front-of-the-TV mode. The sounds of Dean and Jason chatting with Tanisha faded to the background of my consciousness as I'm Alright by Kenny Loggins (lala link) played in my head.

I watched Bill Murray go to war against the ever-dancing gopher, already knowing who would win, but was still thoroughly entertained.

One beer done, time for me to run. See you Wednesday at Jack's!

Note: if you read this today (Tuesday) don't forget Travis comes on at 9:00 p.m. Humor will ensue. If you need laugh-induced endorphins, go pay him a visit. Hellz I might just go back too.

Part 2: Bix Axe or Big Ass?

If you're Anurag and from India, it's Big Ass. If  you're Travis promising a birthday present to The Author, it's Big Axe, along with a red beanie.

Some dude thought Anurag was FOB (fresh off [the] boat) and tried to tell Anurag he'd call him "Hindi".

I said to Anurag that if the dude was gonna do that, then Anurag could call that dude "Juan" 'cause he's obviously Mexican.

Biatch. Don't mess with my people.

It was nice to meet Hilda. She's in her fourties but sure as hell didn't look over 40 to me. She was big and beautiful, just how I like 'em. Smart too. Spoke some Spanish so I busted mine out too. Bilingual women are awesome. She had eyes for Anurag so I stayed back.

Travis supplied me with beer, Sprite and Jack Daniels. I supplied Travis with cash on the bar. Keep the change dude.

The brothers Magnusson rolled in with Katy, and all was well. James Bang-Bang! wore a soft brown leather jacket. When you're impervious to the cold* like James, that's just how you do it. Katy will have an awesome grandmother voice. I'm sure of it.

Thanks Anurag for playing Metallica (One and Whiskey in the JarO), for letting me buy you a Jack and Coke and for putting up with me saying "indeed" all the time. I only do it to piss you off. Fucking Britishers! :)

Watching Travis as he watches TV, it's like watching a five year old with his hands in his pajama pockets, his head tilted to one side slightly (except that this five year old can in fact kill you - but does not mind if you watch him at work; in fact, he likes it).

Late night adult cartoons are good for that, I suppose.

See you Wednesday at Jack's! Don't forget to tip your bartender too. Without them, where would we be?

*all my Facebook friends are complaining about the California "cold" weather today. I should rent my body out as a bed warmer. Signed attestations as to the efficacy of my bed warming skills are on file. I'm truly good at that sort of thing, especially on a night where I'm burning off alcohol supplied by Jack's.  By me a drink and take me home. I'm like a mobile fireplace.

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