Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 74 - Choices Made and Not Made

Monday, March 15th

I'll say this for lessons learned at Jack's Bar & Lounge: when you know lots of people you better come to the bar ready to socialize.

I was most certainly not in a socializing mood when I walked into the bar around 9-ish tonight.

When the urge to talk did come up, the people I hoped to speak with were occupied or otherwise chatting with others.

Fortunately Jason, Anurag and later Waukeen were around and didn't mind the fact that I didn't have all that much to say.

Jason's spirits were raised thanks to some good news today. I hope that's only the start of good news for him.

Waukeen was in a good mood because he started his day shifts again at County. If I ever end up in jail, I hope he's the guard on my cell block.

As for Anurag: he's off to India in a week or so to start the process of an arranged marriage and will be gone for three weeks at the start. I don't think he'll be full on married by then; instead he'll be looking at up to three candidates. I need to get more details.

I can see he's worried, but also excited. I mentioned to him that I hope he finds an exciting, intelligent woman who keeps him on his toes and makes good babies. He mentioned that he hoped she was horny, so we toasted to that.

Christian was back from his LA trip with Jenny and I almost didn't recognize him with his glasses on. Congrats on winning another gig dude!

There was a Stephanie sighting. She was there to meet a dude whom I took an instant disliking too, just because he was there. ;)  We could have hung out last night, but I had my fun (and then some) by choosing an alternate path, and hope she had a good night last night too.

I need to find a way to get some sit-down time with Stephanie, away from the bar, as I have many questions to ask her. Who does she think would win in a Batman vs. Captain American brawl? What's her chief complain about men and the dating scene? Is she willing to forgive a brown belt and black shoes faux pas?

Same goes for Patty too, for the love of Pete! (Dear Reader: Patty and I have been trying and failing to hang out together outside of Jack's for at least a year now).

Patty was there with Ras Dank, both of them behind the turntables and Dank had his shit together tonight. The music was awesome.

Tall Nicole was behind the bar and looked fantastic. She'd dyed her hair a darker color recently and that rainbow-like belt she was wearing was awesome. She wasn't impressed with the basketball fans (Nicole likes three sports: hockey, hockey and hockey), though I have to say Golden State played a great game vs. the Lakers.

Old School Doug was out pretty late. I didn't get a chance to talk to him before he left. Same for Grant.

Did speak with Aimee and Travis about last night's Tres Gringos adventure though. Man that was fun. I missed out on the females vs. dwarf wrestling in 45 pounds of cooked Top Ramen though. As I understand it post match the dwarf was puking, one female was bleeding and the other freaking out because she was breaking up with her boyfriend.

And that's another night at Jack's. See you Tuesday!

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