Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 82 - Shark's Win! (Finally) and Talking Andrzej Sapkowski

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Walked to the bar again today for the second time in a row. Found Tanisha and thirteen patrons inside, of which there were several regulars and maybe three people I've never seen before.

Christian bought me my first round (thanks dude) and I sat down with Mark and co. to watch the Shark's take it to the Minnesota Wild. About the only thing nice as far as the Wild are concerned is that Owen Nolen (former Shark) is on their team. Otherwise: meh.

The bar filled up a bit as the game progressed. Eventually all five back wall tables were filled up. I moved over so two guys could take the last table and ended up sharing a table with Jim The Gamer.

After the game, Jim The Gamer and I talked about Google and his idea for a search engine that functions off of images and associated keywords.

Just upload an image (say of a flower for which you don't know the name) and add in a few choice keywords like "flower, San Jose, Bay Area, California" and the current date, then let the search engine index pictures of flowers uploaded by other people that include all or some of the same keywords and see if it can't just find out what kind of flower is in the picture you uploaded.

We also talked about gaming, in particular Shadow Run, Dungeons & Dragons and a fantasy setting created by Andrzej Sapkowski called The Witcher, which surprisingly enough to me is something I've never heard of (and I am nothing if not a fantasy roleplaying geek).

Jim was reading a novel by Sapkowski and went on for a bit with genuine gamer enthusiasm about the fantasy setting, the computer game and the fiction.

My walk home from the bar was extremely enjoyable. It's just so nice out right now. Not too hot and not too cold, with just enough of a breeze to make the flower petals fall from the cherry trees. They're so soft to the touch. Seeing Jessica in a blue summer dress wasn't too bad either.

See you Wednesday at Jack's!

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