Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 69 - (Almost) Seven Times Ten Days!

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

So, it's day it's almost day 70. Pretty fucking awesome, if you ask me.

It's not like a day 100, which has three didgets, but it's still divisible by ten, so that's something.

Now in order to get to Jack's on Day 69, I had to.....
  • Drive home from the train station
  • Meet the lovley Wendee at my place, change my socks and try not to hack and cough myself to death as this cold tried its level best to kill me dead
  • Drive to the AMC Theater near the Great Mall, then watch Wendee get the call from her promoter/radio host/going to chat with Liam Neeson in LA a week from today about being Zues in the Clash of the Titans remake girlfriend* that the movie we're supposed to get free passes for is in fact in Saratoga
  • Decide to not fight commuter traffic all the way to Saratoga
  • Drive around San Jose -- dodging said commuter traffic just to get closer to home -- and then decide to take Wendee to a movie after all
  • Park downtown, go see Alice in Wonderland
  • Then drive to Jack's
At Jack's, Ed and Kieth aka Keith were drunk.  Well, Ed was awesome (don't try to high-five Ed, you can't win, ever) and Kieth was a little too intimidating with the ladies. I mean he was awesome too, like Ed, just faded a little too far to the left.

We ran into Wendee's co-worker (we'll call her Tagalog) that my bar chum (and this close to earning himself a PhD) Bang-Bang! wingmanned out of the way back on Day 35. She went after Wendee's boobies and, well, I kinda liked that (though Wendee was not pleased).

Out of a sense of fairness I insisted that Tagalog not ignore my manboobs, which were particularly warm and sweaty underneath a jacket and two layers of shirt. She felt me up anyway.

After that, I bought Tagalog a beer so I could clear the $10 minimum and Wendee and I could make our way home ASAP. Long day.

Rina was super busy behind the bar tonight. Ras Dank was on the door and DJ Benofficial was doing what he does best: spinning awesome tunes to the pleasure of the assembled masses. The bar was pretty full and Rina was zipping from one end to the other, fast as ever and with eyes in the back of her head.

Freshmen Crew are outshining the Legion of Superheroes on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Seems like the center table against the wall always attracts tattood females in the mood to show said tattoos. Tonight was no different.

Back Thursday at Jack's!

*She's picked her own bar-blog nickname, but she doesn't actually get to use it until she shows up at the damn bar and buys a drink. Minimum standards must be maintained. ;)

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