Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 63 - Was She Black?

Thursday, March 4th

The title to this post is an inside joke. It's guaranteed to make Katie laugh, at James aka Bang-Bang Kla-Klow's expense.

I would like to apologize to Eric aka ACME for my dropping a shot of Jack Daniels that he bought for me. My bad. At least the glass didn't break on the floor. Thanks for the round of drinks ACME! I like drinking with you too.

Today's visit was a late at night visit. One of my D&D buddies (yes, I play D&D: I will be your Dungeon Master anytime :wink:wink:)  had an extra ticket and invited me along for tonight's game. Badass game too. I wish we were up and not down most of the game. Would have been nice to see us getting into fights instead of having to work on erasing the 2-1 deficit, because several Montreal Canadiens players deserved a beating. Buncha dirty rotten scoundrels you ask me, especially that rat bastard that put Scott Nichol into the boards head and shoulder first. Asshole.

I'm passionate about hockey, can you tell? ;)

So I'm at the bar post-game and what do I find? $11 on the floor. That makes $31 found dollars at Jack's so far this year. So what do I do? What I always do: look around and try to remember who was there before me, ask my neighbors at the bar, ask the bartender.

The man to my right was missing part of his left arm. He said he didn't know.

Matt was bartending, he said they were gone, so the money was mine.

The two women to my right didn't claim the money either. One of them said I was lucky and could she rub my head for luck? How could I refuse a smile like that? So I said that was OK, but suggested it would be beter if rubbed my belly.

And she did, as her equally pretty friend looked on. I told her to play the lotto tomorrow and hit me up after she won. They got their drinks from Matt and left to go flirt with Jerry.

Now I'd already got a beer from Matt, so I pondered what to do with the extra funds while chatting with George a bit. George's beard looks awesome as ever. Lots of color. I like it when George comes to the bar dressed in pajamas. Smart man, that George.  (As I write this, my housemate is in the bathroom urinating while talking to his penis and sort of play-growling at it).

I can hear Travis talking to someone over the din of the jukebox and before I know it Nicole gives me a surprise hug from behind. A friendly, warm hug punctuated by "Hey how are you?" just takes the edge off the day, you know? One hell of a woman, that Nicole. But then a friend came up to her and she was gone like the wind. I would not see her for the rest of the night (and it was a long night at the bar, Dear Reader).

The bar was pretty full by then. A group of people came in and ordered six car bombs, which Matt served up herky jerky because he kept running out of this or that ingredient. Then another group ordered four Stellas and Matt popped the caps off fast as a ninja.

In the urinal I was taken aback by the absence of the headless green lady sticker. :sad:  The hole in the wall above the urinal didn't appear to be any bigger (patch it soon or it'll keep growing!). I did notice crystallized, dried up spittle stuck to the corner of the wall.  If you were really tiny it might just look like a spider web version of the Fortress of Solitude.



  1. You forgot about the lesbian fight, dude! That was good times bro, you have to admit!

    Awesome title today too, I screamed with laughter when I first saw it :D


  2. Teh lolz! I sorta agreed with Matt I wouldn't write about that if I could help it. Now you let the cat out of the bag. ;)

    It's all good though. I like thongs with red and white checker print patterns like old school cook books. Way to go, Natalie. :D