Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 86 - DJ Qbert and Jim Marshall

Saturday, March 27th

Post-Jack's closing I found myself at a house down the street, consuming homemade macaroni and cheese with buttermilk and water. As good as that was, the fact that the most beautiful woman in the bar made it for me made it that much better.

ACME you are one lucky man, if you ask me.

I remember the woman in the white one piece strapless skirt, with patterns of black and red on the front and back that looked like the jumbled up image of any of the four queens you can find in a deck of cards. She wore long suede stilleto heels that went up past her knees, but that still left plenty of room for leg to show before her skirt got started on covering up the rest.

Not that it did much more than shape the curves right underneath it as she moved about the bar like a python, daring anyone to get too close.

For all that, she wasn't the most beautiful woman in the bar. Maybe the sexiest, if you go on raw looks alone. But no, not the most beautiful.

I spoke to two people at the bar tonight, each of which shared a similar experience. What type of experience? The kind where you go to your idol's home. Where you visit them one on one and come away a better person for the experience.

One man I talked to went to DJ Qbert's house. He got to jam with Qbert on The Octagon. From this man I learned the term "biting", which is to directly sample something from someone else and use it as is, without making it your own. Sort of the street version of plagiarism, and you will get called on it if you do it.

The other man I spoke to visited Jim Marshall's house before he died. He got to see numerous of Marshall's rock and roll photos and even came away with one, as a gift.

What struck me in talking with these two men seperately over the course of the night was how similarly passionate each man was in relating the experience of having one on one time with their respective idols.

I count myself lucky to be able to hear these stories and sit with such interesting people.

I hope to learn more about you the next time you come to the bar, Dear Reader. It doesn't matter if you've been to your idol's house or not. All that matters is you, just as you are.

See you Sunday at Jack's.

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