Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 65 - Saturdays Are Difficult Days to Write

Saturday, March 6th

As the title.

Oh, I have the notes, to be sure. Copious notes, as a matter of fact.

However, I find myself held up for two reasons.

1) I'm thinking about prior Saturdays. Of things remembered and things not written. Watching Jeremiah knock over the newstand across the street, for example. Or sitting with Stephanie in the Happi House parking lot and chatting for a bit after the bar closed, only to see Matt stroll by with that ever-present smile on his face. The contents of my chat with Tall Nicole come to mind, too. The fact that Kara loves Taco Bell, makes Rice Krispie treats and I may just never see her again. Or how it is that I know one roller girl can move 10 people better than anyone else, because I've seen it.

2) I want to go back to the bar tonight (Sunday night, the day I'm writing this) before the bar closes down, even though I've already been there today. There is also the chance, however slim, that Stephanie might be there. Chris Burkhardt should be playing too.

I can tell you, Dear Reader, that Thunder has a grandmother whose maiden name was Flynn. I point you to Day 32 for reference.

In the meantime, a picture:

Be not offended, people from Austrailia. I'm on my second pitcher is all.
(photo courtesy of Grant Woods)

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  1. oh jeremy. I was totally there last nite! I guess we were 2 ships passing eachother in the nite. Sigh:( ps...Jeremiah totally doesn't remember knocking over the newstand. His excuse, "reading is for losers!" hahahaha